How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through the Night

Should you co-sleep? Should you cry it out? There are so many options out there but this one ABSOLUTELY worked for all...

The Sixth Spice Girl

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, and here's the REAL story about how they got their name!

Style your Cowboy Boots

If you love cowboy boots as much as I do you're gonna love this one. Get some boot outfit inspo!

Learning to Love Your Body

After a picture of my stretch marks went viral, I spoke about the experience.

Book Nerd Problems

This video is only funny if you're a TRUE book nerd.

Peach Wine Slushy

Super simple, super delicious. The perfect summer treat!

Is This What You're Like?

I taped a car trip with my husband because we always have the most random conversations ever.

Vacation is the WORST

Yes taking your whole family on vacation sounds like a dream, until it's not!

The Life of an Author

How did I write six books? Well, it aint pretty... but here's what it looks like.

Mommy Explains Tattoos

How do you explain what tattoos are to a four year old? Just like this...

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