Rachel Hollis

I’m Rachel Hollis, a proud working mama with four kids and an ultra hunky husband. I worship coffee like a deity, I read books like my life depends on it and think vodka with La Croix is one of the greatest inventions of the last decade. 

When it comes to women, there always seems to be a question about how we can balance everything. Girl, I don’t even try!

I’ve got four kids (one of which is the gorgeous queen I’m holding above) and whether I’m at home with them or at Chic HQ with the team, life is never calm and balanced. Instead, I embrace my chaos and seek only to feel centered amongst the flurry. The babies and housework and spreadsheets and meetings and 5th birthday parties to plan, along with a million other things that might overwhelm me? They are just a list of my many, many blessings.

The Chic Site

I started the Chic Site after I caught my Thanksgiving turkey on fire. Seriously. I was a wannabe domestic goddess armed with a printout from MarthaStewart.com. The recipe called for a brine and a cheesecloth… I’d never used either. The brine involved white wine, the giant turkey pushed the cheesecloth right up to the top of the flaming hot oven, the results were tragic. After I recovered from that disaster, I decided someone else needed to show me how to do things. I wanted to try making things that were cool, but not fancy. I wanted to cook food that was delicious, but achievable. I wanted to figure out what to wear, but I couldn’t afford anything beyond the clearance rack. Also, I needed to accomplish these things in a reasonable amount of time. When I couldn’t find the type of content I was looking for, I decided to try and create it myself. I’m thrilled to report that I haven’t lit any poultry on fire since this site.

Chic Media

I owned Chic Events –a high-end event planning company in LA– for over a decade and somewhere along the way my little blog started to get some notice. The better our work got, the more notice there was and eventually, the clients that wanted to hire me to talk about their product began asking if I could help them market their own. After years of building Chic Media we’ve now grown to The Hollis Company. You can find more of what we do here!