Personal growth conferences are maybe my favorite thing in the world… my love for them is what led me to plan my own! I wanted to give some insight on what to expect when you attend a conference. Expect to be energized and motivated. Expect to cry and laugh and maybe drink too much wine. Expect to dream. Expect to be inspired. Participating in a conference is an awesome experience that will stick with you for a lifetime…


  1. To Gain Knowledge- The main reason to attend a conference is for the SWAG (kidding…sort of), it’s ACTUALLY to hear the scheduled speakers because they provide knowledge an insight in their field of expertise. You’ll get to hear from experts, entrepreneurs, and tastemakers that will provide valuable information and stories from their life that will help you in your prospective field. PROTIP: Set a goal to gain two practices or strategies from a speech that you can apply after the conference.
  1. Be Inspired- A first-rate conference will have impactful speakers and panels that are highly curated. Attending the speeches that are offered often leads to life changing moments that can add new insights and knowledge that you can bring back and implement in your own life. PROTIP: Try to sit closer to the front, so you can hear the speaker clearly and possibly ask a question.
  2. Networking Opportunities- Many people find networking intimidating, luckily conferences give you a built in icebreaker! They create a fantastic opportunity to expand your network for business and even your personal life. PROTIP: Bring a stack of business cards and a smile and get to know a new group of people that can help you expand your business or gain a new community. It may be tempting to always hangout with the friend you came with or if you aren’t a social person at all hangout in your hotel room and avoid the world, but if you open yourself up even just a little you will be surprised what wonderful people you can meet.

  1. After-Parties- I’m not going to say this is my favorite part of a conference BUUUT, let’s be fair, I love me a good dance party! Conferences are the perfect place to let loose, enjoy a foreign bar, and stirring conversations with new people. PROTIP: When in doubt, dance!
  2. Take Away- When I arrive home from a compelling conference, I always walk away with a lot of tangible actionable goals that I can apply when I get home. PROTIP: They’re also mini-vacays, so set aside time to do something locally that’s fun and relaxing in the city you visit. When you come home you can’t help but return to your routine feeling refreshed, inspired, and with a new lease on life!

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