16 years together and we’re still laughing like maniacs and making out like high schoolers and here’s why…

  1. We believe in Consistency. We go out on our weekly date night no matter what, even if we’re both tired or grouchy.
  2. We are into making out. Tons of it. 😉 Date night tends to lead right on into this nicely. 
  3. Dress for the job you want, right? So dress for the marriage you want, too. I strive to dress well— as well as I would if it were our first date instead of our 900th. I doesn’t need to be fancy but it does need to look like you put an effort in. 
  4. Also, we reallllyyy like to try new things…hydrotherapy might have been a bust but it was fun to experience it and laugh about it with Dave. 
  5. We’re into pregaming. And by pregame I mean texting Dave how cute his butt looks in those jeans or how lucky I am to call him mine. This sets the tone for the date before we’re even on it! 
  6. We’re also about ENNEAGRAM. See how your numbers pair together for more clarity in…everything. 
  7. Next, eliminate the reason for your arguments. I’ve told you guys before that Dave & I used to fight about cleanliness.. so we sacrificed things in our budget in order to hire a cleaning person. It sounds ridiculous in retrospect but neither of us wanted to clean the toilet and rather than battle over whose turn it was… we just got some help.
  8.  Last, remember where it started. We just celebrated 16 years since our very first date and it’s so fun to talk about how far we’ve grown together in that time and how blessed we are to be here today. 


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