Since our move to Austin we have experienced ALL the weather. Hot and humid, nonstop rain, cold, and my personal favorite (total sarcasm) hot and rainy days! Since the temperature has recently dropped it was time to reincarnate all my favorite go-to sweaters. 

Here are my three favorite trends for this season and some ideas for how to style each of them. If you love the actual sweater so much you just have to own it yourself, just click on the highlighted links below to see where I snagged it from.

First up, is this super cozy cardigan that has been making me a major outfit-repeater *gasp*. But really, this cardigan is one of those sweaters that you can just throw on top of anything and it gives you that slouchy-cool-girl vibe. I love pairing this with a a casual tee and jeans or with my moto leggings and some cute kicks to drop the boys off at school. 

The number one thing you guys keep sending me DM’s about… turtleneck sweaters! I can’t remember the last time I bought a turtleneck –or even a mock turtleneck!– and this season I bought two! The first is this softer than soft off-white number and it’s worth mentioning that if you’re going to get it you should also get these pearl hoops. I bought them to pair with this sweater but I’ve been wearing them with EVERYTHING. 

The second turtleneck I bought is actually two of my trends in one– it’s gonna keep your neck warm AND it’s a jewel tone (which I’ll talk about in a minute). This deep ruby turtleneck sweater is awesome because it’s super lightweight.

That makes it perfect for layering under a jacket or scarf. I’ve been wearing it with my black skinny jeans and boots or my overalls. And yes, those pearl hoops are back in play in this shot as well!

Next up, Jewel Tones! Jewel tones as in, sweaters that are the color of jewels. Think of my ruby turtleneck or emerald, sapphire, gold… colors that are perfect for fall and work on every skin tone I can think of.

I snagged this great red number earlier in the season and I bought it a size bigger (this is a medium) so it would be sort of slouchy and cool like the popular girl from an 80’s movie. 

I wear it with my dark wash Hudson jeans or my high rise Levis (like in the shot below of me and Noah on the way to church) but either way I do a loose half tuck in to make it look a little less voluminous. 

Along the same lines of the rich, bold color is this deep yellow sweater I picked up when I was in New York a few weeks ago.

In this instance, I actually bought the size small but it’s still a little slouchy on me so I went with the half-tuck. This is the perfect sweater to elevate my mom game… meaning, dropping off my kids in this sweater with a lightweight jacket thrown over the top instead of you know, in my pajamas. 

If you end up getting any of the sweaters — or even rocking your own version of one of these trends– tag me in your pic on Instagram so I can see what you’re stylin’ this fall.