It will come as no surprise to you guys that I absolutely live for decorating during the holidays! Typically I use a lot of the same items over and over, but using the same decorations can get a little…well, what’s the word…boring. So, what to do when you want to keep the memories but change up the look? You combine the old decor with the new. Blamo! Fab Christmas where you cherish old memories while making some new ones!

This year I decided to elevate my Christmas decor with the help of Walmart. This is the perfect trick to combining your old ornaments and holiday decor with brand new budget-friendly items to up your holiday game. And because it’s Walmart there will be plenty of cash left over to deck the halls and enjoy some eggnog too! Here’s a look at some simple (and budget friendly) ways you can enhance your holiday decor the way I did.

I started with the tree because it’s the focal point that ties everything together. Get a little variety this year for your Christmas tree by picking a new color scheme. I went with gold, white and silver. This look is easier to achieve then you think. I bought two tubs of gold and silver matte glitter ornaments for less than $10 each! The addition of these ornaments instantly added some glam the look of the tree.

I added some texture with gold ribbon and a few snowflake Christmas ornaments, and my tree was immediately transformed! Then I combined our family ornaments that we love to enjoy every year as a finishing touch.

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