It’s about to be the most wonderful (and most hectic) time of year! I get so many questions from you guys asking how about surviving a busy season without burning out? Or how can you eat well when you don’t have time to prep?

The Answer to everything: it’s all about planning!

Want to get the kids to school on time? You need to plan. Want to stick to eating well? You better plan. Want to have a weekly date night with your husband, get in shape or write your first novel? Sister, ALL of those things are going to require a plan.

So when Progresso Organic Soups reached out and asked me to explain how I stay sane when things get crazy, I had an answer ready to go. Here are my best tips for planning ahead. Big shout out to our favorite soup partner for creating something convenient, delicious and affordable that my whole fam loves as much as I do. Check out this video below to see just what I mean…