Hey Momma Hey! I’m talking to my fellow superhero mothers out there. A few of you reached out on social media and asked for my advice on how to achieve a goal or make a dream come true while also juggling being a parent. Honestly, right now I feel accomplished when I’m able to shower before noon, or at all cause I’ve got a newborn situation happening! The truth is, making a dream come true is already difficult, add the fact that you’re responsible for another human life and it can seem downright impossible. It may not be easy BUT you sure can do it girl! 


Here are my top tips on how to have a dream and be a parent…


  1. Define It: What’s your dream? Take a moment to ask yourself.  Often times parents don’t feel like they get to have a dream, let alone pursue one, so they never ask. They selflessly dedicate their life to their family and don’t feel there is room for anything else. Give yourself permission to entertain the thought and then write down what that dream is. Once you allow yourself to open up and think about your goal, you can take action and go for it! 
  1. Break It Down: Be specific about your goal. Then answer the following questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how? Example: Who do I need to help make this dream a reality? What steps do I need to take to get there? By breaking down your dream into smaller goals you start to see what exactly needs to fall into place to make it achievable.
  1. Make Time: Let’s get real here, sites often advise moms to 
“make time” and I’m a big believer in the idea of making time too BUT I’m also realistic. Define what season you’re in, and if that happens to be with a new born baby then start small, I mean, real small. Even if you have 5 minutes to research a writing program or an Etsy shop you admire, start there. Don’t even have that kind of time? Check out a podcast with a similar theme while you are nursing. Even if it’s on in the background, it’ll get your wheels turning about something you’re interested in and may inspire you to take the next step. 
  1. Ask For Help: Ask your partner, mom, dad, BFF, distant cousin, or neighbor for a little help. If you’re a new mom with limited resources, reach out to a fellow mom. Propose taking turns watching each other’s kids while you each get an afternoon to reach your goals. This will also allow for a buddy to help you stay on track. Cause it takes a village girl!
  1. Find Your Dreamer Community: Attend a conference with a community of people who help support dreaming and goal setting. It might be easier said than done to get away weekly to reach a target. Attend a conference once or twice a year, it’s much easier to plan for and has a significant inspirational impact in your life. Find your tribe and help each other go after your dreams. By surrounding ourselves with other people who want to see us succeed, we create a safe space that allows us to reach for the stars. Check out RISE a conference that takes place in June to help meet the tribe that can contribute to making your dreams come true!


How do you make your dreams happen while being a parent? Show us how! Snap a photo of it and share it on insta with the #ChicTribe and share your knowledge with all of us moms!