May I make a suggestion?

Wear cute gym clothes when you workout.

Recently I saw a woman at the gym who I could tell was totally unmotivated to be there. I get it, we all have those kind of workouts. But, she was also wearing saggy, stretched out gym clothes– probably from before she lost weight– and I couldn’t help but remember myself doing the same thing once upon a time. I used to go to the gym in sweats that were three times too big. I was uncomfortable with my body and I thought the bigger clothes will cover it up so I wouldn’t have to see it while I worked out. But the truth is, wearing clothes that are frumpy (to a workout where you can see yourself in a mirror) makes you look much bigger than you are, which super messes with your motivation to be there.

If your goal is to get in shape or to feel better about yourself, then wear clothes that make you feel good! Now, I’m not suggesting you can’t feel awesome in looser fitting clothes, some of my gals LOVE that style. And I’m not suggesting you do your hair or makeup (unless that’s your thing, in which case, do you girl!) I’m just suggesting that you mentally set yourself up for success by wearing something that makes you feel strong and powerful– whatever that looks like for you. Once a quarter I get myself a few new workout pieces and here’s a look at what I nab for strength training workouts.

Hear me out, Forever 21 has some of the most adorable affordable active wear. I found these capri leggings, heather gray stripped muscle tank, and burgundy sports bra for under $20 bucks a piece.

I paired this stylish outfit with my go-to Adidas kicks, my signature flavored water, and my beats headphones to keep me motivated with some hot jams. 

Need a new workout playlist? Try one of mine on Spotify. I’ve got “Beauty Mode” for easier day and “Beast Mode” for when I really need to go hardcore.

What do you wear to feel good at the gym? Show it off on insta by tagging your photo #ChicTribe.