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Our patio has sort of been the place where backyard toys go to die.

For the past year I’d look at it out the window of our living room and think, I have got to show that patio some love! Finally, finally, with spring in bloom and summer on the horizon we decided to sort out this area of our home. We didn’t re-do everything, we just added a few key pieces to really make it sing.

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Need some inspiration for how to spend all that home improvement money? Well, here are some ideas for updating your own outdoor space in time for summer!

Iced tea Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Start your patio makeover with an outdoor rug! We already had the two sofas but we needed a way to anchor them into the space. A giant outdoor rug was the perfect way to do that. I chose this pattern and style because it matches our living room decor which is visible through the glass doors. Some people like for each space in their house to feel totally different and I do too… but when two rooms are right next to each other (like our living room and patio) they need to coordinate. They don’t have to be twins, but the should be sisters at the very least.

Iced Tea Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Explore different textures! Originally we used little side tables that came along with our sofas but it just felt too matchy, matchy to me. I saw these old whiskey barrels in the garden section at the home improvement store and loved them. They’re actually supposed to be used as planters but by flipping them upside down we created really rad little tables.

Patio Pillows Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Add on some throw pillows! I feel like throw pillows add all the life and color to your patio party. In this instance (because our patio is covered) I was able to use indoor pillows outside. I mixed the neutral pillows that came alongside the sofas with two larger pillows that had fun prints. It really makes the space homey.

 Patio pillows Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Magazine Display Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

If you need motivation to use your outdoor space more then set it up the same way you would the other parts of the house. I put my un-read magazines out on the patio and it encourages me to go read through them and get outside.


I love plants and I really think they make an outdoor space! A couple of tricks? Make sure you’re buying plants that work for the sunlight level your patio receives. If you’re not sure, ask for advice from someone in the garden section. Can’t find someone in the garden section? Look out how the plants are displayed there. Are they covered and in shade? Those plants don’t like sunlight. Are they out in bright sun? Those are the ones to use on your uncovered patio.

Plant Containers Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Patio Plants Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Also, mix and match your pots. All of my pots are in similar shades but the style, texture and shape is different for each. Consider getting some large and some small pots to create dimension. Pair plants that stick up with plants that cascade out of the pot… it creates such a pretty effect.

Patio Furniture Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

If you have a covered patio, you can consider using real furniture pieces outside. We’ve had this armoire out on our patio for years. It’s hiding the TV that Dave watches baseball on during the summer.

Patio Remodel Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

At the end of the day, an outdoor space can be a gorgeous place to relax and reconnect as a family. Consider treating it with as much respect as you do your indoor spaces.

Patio lifestyle Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

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*This post is part of a Chic sponsorship with Service Master, however all opinions (and awesome patio style) is my own.