Rachel Hollis RachWear Cowboy Boots

My #RachWear posts have been so popular lately I thought maybe we should make some more. It started out with five ways to wear a plaid shirt and then we did how to shop at a thrift store. Each time I make a new posts I’m picking favorite, essential pieces from my own wardrobe and showing you how I style them. So this time around? I’m showing you how to style cowboy boots!

Most of us who own cowboy boots have a rough idea of how to wear them but I wanted to stretch our imaginations a little and try them out some different ways. For instance, can you style cowboy boots for church on Sunday? Can you style cowboy boots for date night in LA? Well friends, we’re about to find out! Watch the video below and then scroll on down for the detail shots.

Rachel Hollis how to style Cowboy Boots with Plaid

I looooove this look. I dig the layering here with the graphic t-shirt, plaid shirt (you know I love those) and my favorite green waxed jacket. Then all you need is a great pair of cowboy boots and you’re all set!

Like the clothes I’m wearing? Check out the styles below and nab your own. Or click on a highlighted word while you’re reading for a direct link.

Rachel Hollis how to style Cowboy Boots Dressed Up

Can you style cowboy boots for church? I sure think so! I think these boots are just as versatile as any other kind of boot or booties. In this instance I paired mine with a great dress and a cute jacket to add a little more color. During the summer I wear the same outfit sans jacket with a gorgeous statement necklace

Rachel Hollis how to style Cowboy Boots for Saturday

Typically the rule is that you shouldn’t mix brown and black… but since when do I listen to rules? In this instance I think it totally works because the tunic, leggings, and scarf are all shades of black so adding the brown boots feels like the highlight of the whole show. I love this all black, everything look for casual weekend style. 

RachWear Cowboy Boots with Cute Dress

This is such a great outfit for work, or really, anything else too. As I type this I am literally wearing this exact thing because I love it so much! The dress is so versatile and adding a vest really pulls the whole thing together. I styled it with my favorite necklace but it also looks awesome with big earrings and a bracelet stack.

RachWear Cowboy Boots with Jeans

And finally, why not style your cowboy boots with a gingham button down and your favorite lightweight sweater? It’s such a fun style for spring!