Plaid Shirt 5 Ways Featured

I get teased a little bit for how often I rock a shirt like this but you know what? I know how to wear plaid! I style it with skirts and denim and sweaters and heels. I wear plaid to work, to church and even on date nights. So I thought I’d make a little video on how to wear plaid in case you need some inspiration for your wardrobe. 

Watch my new #RachWear video below to see all the ideas and then scroll down for details. Want more outfit inspiration? Head on over to Instagram and check out the hashtag #RachWear for all of my favorites!


Plaid Shirt with Vest and Boots

How to wear plaid with a vest – Make your own “tall socks” using my hack in the video. Then style them with tall boots, a great vest and your favorite plaid shirt. I also love a great necklace as a fun accessory. 

Plaid Shirt with Bless Sweatshirt

How to wear plaid under a sweatshirt – Roll your denim at the bottom to show a little skin above your booties. Add a great sweatshirt over the top and be sure and roll the sleeves a bit and pop the collar. 

Plaid Shirt Tucked into Boyfriend Jeans with Heels

How to wear plaid with boyfriend jeans – I love this look for date night! Roll your boyfriend jeans and rock with a great pair of pumps. I like a half tuck for a more casual look (I do live in LA after all) and then I add a great necklace and my favorite watch to complete the look.

Plaid Shirt with Layers

How to wear plaid with a jean jacket – I love a layered look and I adore mixing and matching my prints. For this look I went with fun animal print flats, a grandma sweater with pops of neon and my favorite jean jacket.

Plaid Shirt Dressed Up

How to wear plaid with a ball skirt – Who says you can’t make plaid fancy? Certainly not me! I tuck my plaid down inside my favorite skirt (make sure and pull it from underneath so it doesn’t bunch) and pair it with some great pumps

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