Preorder Rachel Hollis Cookbook Upscale Downhome

Remember on last week’s RachTalk when I said something big was coming?? Well, here it is… My cookbook has a name and a gorgeous new cover!!! Introducing, Upscale Downhome my first ever cookbook coming out in October!!


First of all, can we just have a tiny minute for how pretty this cover is?? Cortnee worked her magic on it (and a hair and makeup wizard helped me look super legit) and I just love it! Also, we debated long and hard about which recipes we should put on the cover and after we’d settled on these I realized something cool. The dessert plates were my great grandmothers. The cast iron skillet was my Mamas. The platter up top belonged to my Grandpa Neeley. This truly is a collection of my family recipes in every sense of the word.

Alright, back to my big news… You might remember that last year I announced I’d signed my first cookbook contract (if not you can read about it here.) Writing a cookbook is something I’ve imagined since I was a little girl so to finally get the chance to create one was literally a dream come true. One of the coolest parts about it was that even though I’d signed a deal with a major publisher, we created every single part of this book at Chic HQ.

From picking out the recipes, to cooking and styling them. From hair and makeup to what clothes I would wear in each shot. From the design to the layout and even the fonts we chose… this book is one giant labor of love from us to you. I decided to call it Upscale Downhome because all of the recipes in the book are a mix of my down-home roots and the upscale presentation I’ve learned from living in Los Angeles for the last fifteen years. This book is a perfect testament to my life long love affair with food. It has the sugar cookie recipe my mom made me as a child, or the chicken and dumplings I craved while pregnant. It has the turkey chili recipe which was the first dish I perfected as a newlywed. And the cocktail I drank in my early twenties… it’s the story of my life, as told in food. Upscale Downhome is filled with casseroles, slow cooker recipes, desserts, drinks and there’s even an entire section on dishes you can make with the leftovers from the recipes in other chapters! I’m so stinking excited and guess what? My cookbook is available for pre-order starting today!! 

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But wait a hot minute, I know what you’re thinking… this book doesn’t come out until October which feels pretty far away, why would I pre-order it now? Because we created a special exclusive you can only get if you do… if you pre-order before February 5th you’ll get an exclusive digital copy of Upscale Downhome Gameday which includes five recipes perfect for a Super Bowl party, as well as some great Super Bowl party planning ideas! Three of the recipes inside are from the cookbook, which means you’re getting a sneak peek before anyone else. Two of them are totally new and not available anywhere but in this cool download! 

So once you pre-order go to this page to retrieve your cool mini-cookbook!

UPDOWN-Gameday-CoverWe’ll be creating more of these exclusives throughout the year for anyone who pre-orders. Things like Upscale Downhome Easter, Upscale Downhome 4th of July, etc and if you pre-order once you’ll get access to each digital exclusive until October. So basically it’s like a year’s worth of mini cookbooks all leading up to the big shebang!

So if you’re considering a copy of Upscale Downhome —and really if you love things like melted cheese and whipped cream and carbs and dips and yumminess– then you definitely should! Then don’t wait to order because you’ll get all kinds of cool-kid perks if you nab it ahead of time.