Whats in My Bag for Fall Party Planning Errands

This time of year always ends up being crazy busy, right?

And the week before a major holiday… forget about it! Like most moms I’ll spend the next five days running around making sure costumes are in order, everything is ready for school parties and I have all the supplies I need to make sure it’s memorable for my boys. Also like most other moms, if I’m feeling under the weather, well, it doesn’t really matter because when you’re a mom there are NO Sick Days!

Vicks DayQuil Helps Keep Me Healthy

I remember back BK (that’s before kids) when a cold or a flu meant that I could crawl under the covers and sleep it off. But with three little ones under the age of eight I spend more time running than sleeping these days and thats totally regardless of whether or not I’m feeling up for it. Heck, I remember one Christmas when I had the flu but I had volunteered to host and I couldn’t let everyone down. I did everything (cleaning the house, setting the table, cooking dinner) while I was feeling terrible. The second everything was finished I went to my bed and slept until the next day. The thing is, when you have responsibilities you don’t always get to back out of them just because you’re sick… sometimes you have to power through. 

Party Prepping Tips

So when Vick’s reached out to see if I would partner with them on their No Sick Days campaign I was all over it. Because A: we’ve all been there, right? Your throat is scratchy, you’re battling a fever, you feel like you got hit by a truck… but those holiday cupcakes for the class party aren’t going to bake themselves! And B: After powering through your day and getting qualified for mom of the year, the least you can do for yourself is a little NyQuil to help you sleep!

So yes, I’m totally in and if you are too then go check out their new Twitter page for all things cold and flu. Better yet, I am taking over their new account this Wednesday to show the behind the scenes and why I cannot take a sick day!  Be sure to follow along with #NoSickDays and click here for an exclusive coupon to use during this cold season.  

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Vick’s through their partnership program. While I was compensated to write a post about Vick’s all opinions are my own.