Notes on NapkinsOne of the most popular things I post on my Instagram (which you can check out HERE) are the lunchtime notes I wrote for my boys during the school year. I think I’ve been creating these for almost as long as they’ve been in school. In fact, my lunchtime notes started when Jackson was in pre-school. I would doodle a little smily face on his snack pack and send him on his way and I loved the idea that he felt special because I remember when my mom used to do this for me.

Make Lunchtime Notes on NapkinsNow, some people see my notes online and they complain that nobody has time for lunchtime notes… that’s where they’re wrong– the key, is making them ahead of time and in bulk! If you’ve read my post about getting organized for school lunches then you know I prep the boys lunches on Sunday afternoon. When I put the pretzels in baggies or add the juice boxes to the fridge that’s when I do my lunchtime notes too. I keep them stacked in the lunchtime box along with everything else and then I add them to their lunch box when I pack them up in the morning. I timed it yesterday when I made these… all ten notes (that’s one note per boy for the school week) took me fifteen minutes.

Handmade Lunchtime NotesFifteen minutes guys! Fifteen minutes and I was getting artistic and crazy with my markers. If all you did was just write them a sweet message you could have your lunchtime notes ready in a few minutes.

Lunchtime Notes

You know what, I know that there are times where you can barely get the lunch together let alone add something extra. But there will be other times when you’ve got a little extra wiggle room… those are the times for something fun like this to make the kiddos feel loved.