Arbor Remodel BeforeWhen we bought our house years ago we inherited this really beautiful arbor along with it. It’s a white wood lattice on top of a stone base and it has the most gorgeous wisteria growing around it. Every year when the wisteria blooms it’s absolutely gorgeous and I kick myself because the situation underneath the arbor is– pretty terrible. As you can see from the picture above it houses this really old gross table that should have been used as fire wood long ago. So, this spring I decided enough was enough and I set out to improve my arbor style. 

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-1The first thing I did was clean out the space completely and sweep up months of leaves and dirt. Then I added a few sweet flower pots to the arbor slats. I just used wire to attach them securely and then wrapped twine around to cover up the wire. If you’re concerned about weight,  use a plastic flower pot to ensure that your arbor style doesn’t come crashing down the first time you water the plants.

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-2Next I had to figure out what kind of seating I wanted. I considered another table because the space can totally accommodate it but honestly we never eat out there. It’s better to design your home for functionality rather than what will look prettiest… besides, pretty doesn’t really last very long when you have three boys. Since this arbor is right next the area the boys like to play in, I chose rocking chairs so I could sit and watch them in the evenings.

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-8I chose white wood rocking chairs and some custom monogram outdoor pillows. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a monogrammed pillow?

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-10

 For some extra flowers and greenery I put my new stacked flower pot display in the corner. 

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-6Another cool idea for your own arbor design? I pulled an old bird bath out of my garden and used it as a table. I think it looks so cute!

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-4

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-5I think our arbor design turned out really well and is totally functional for what we need around these parts. I love to sit out there now in my rocking chair with a glass of iced tea and enjoy the day. 

Rachel Hollis Home Backyard Arbor Remodel-11

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