Scarf FeaturedI’ve collected and loved vintage scarf style for as long as I can remember. When I first moved to LA and only shopped at second hand stores, vintage scarves were an easy way to add color to my wardrobe without spending much money. They are usually only a buck or so and you can use them so many ways! If some of you have one or two of these square vintage scarves in your closet here’s a cool way to incorporate them into your current look!

Rachel Hollis Vintage Scarf

This is classic right? I like to call it the flight attendant because it reminds me of the old school stewardess uniforms from the fifties. Just pair your favorite vintage scarf with a blouse that has the same colors in it. Tie it around your throat in place of a statement necklace.

Vintage Scarf on the Wrist

Using a vintage scarf in place of bracelet is so chic! It’s totally unexpected and a great way to add a pop of color or a fun print; particularly for those of you who tend to wear a lot of solids.

Vintage Scarf on Purse Rachel HollisThis is my absolute favorite way to rock vintage scarf style! Years ago when I was a little baby twenty something year old assistant I saw a fabulous looking woman walking down the street with a Louis Vuitton speedy bag with a vintage scarf on it’s handle. I remember thinking, Someday, I’m going to be as fabulous as that woman! When I made my first big paycheck after starting my event planning firm, this bag was the thing I bought myself to celebrate. Twelve years later and I still carry it around and change out the vintage scarf on it’s handle seasonally. 

Rachel Hollis Vintage Scarf in HairThis is such an easy weekend look. In fact, whenever my hair is acting crazy I don’t throw on a hat, I throw on a scarf. Tie it around your head like Rosie the Riveter or wrap it around your forehead like the Karate Kid. I always just start with a simple bun and then see which style is most flattering. Either way, adding the scarf distracts from whatever is going on with my hair at that moment. 

Vintage Scarfs