What to do with Old Planter Pots

These three flower pots have been sitting on the side of my house for months. They aren’t the same size, they don’t really match each other and truthfully they’ve just been an empty reminder at how I’ve been neglecting my garden. Then I saw something on Pinterest about stacked flower pots and I realized I already had half the ingredients to create this really cool centerpiece for my patio. I’m betting some of you have empty pots as well so keep reading to see how you can style them into something cool.

The Chic Site Garden IdeasWeekends are my favorite time to get some work down around the house so I just tacked this onto the list. I filled each one with potting soil and then stacked them up largest to smallest. I was planning to put my stacked flower pots in a corner so I angled each pot to the side. If yours will be seen from all sides, center each pot in the middle and plant around the edges.

Watering PlantsI chose leafy, full plants so as they grow they’ll really fill out the pot. Be sure and choose plants that grow best in the area you’re planting. Shade-loving plants are going to die in direct sunlight no matter how much you wish they wouldn’t so choose wisely. Water your flowers regularly to be sure they continue to bloom and fill out your stacked flower pots.

Stacked Planter

Reuse Old Plant Pots