Were Out Yonder Door SignWhen you come over to our house for a barbecue — or really any time you come over during the summer months — by the time you arrive, we’re likely already going to be out back. Years ago I decided we needed a way to let people know to just come around and through the gate rather than ring the bell for an empty house. For the longest time I would just put a sticky note out front and then I decided I could make something cuter and created at Front Door Sign. This craft is incredibly easy to make and for those of you who spend so much time outside like we do, it’s an easy way to tell your guests where to go when they arrive.

How to Make a Sign for Backyard PartiesA couple of important tips. Go to a craft store and get really lightweight wood otherwise your front door sign is eventually going to come unglued from your ribbon. Also, feel free to use stencils if you don’t want to hand write your sign. Use whatever line makes sense to you “come through the side gate” or “the door is open, come on in” etc. Come Out Back Door Sign