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In case you weren’t aware, I’m a HUGE hardcore book nerd. I read everything and anything and ever since I was old enough to apply for a library card I’ve had my nose in a book. Like every other red blooded American reader, I loved the Hunger Games series (here’s to strong female protagonists!) so much in fact that I’m one of those people who’ll be there opening night cheering for Team Peeta.

Since my sister and I have been looking forward to this movie coming out ever since the last one’s credits started rolling, I wanted to do something fun to celebrate. These little Hunger Games gift/favor bags would be the cutest thing to stuff with candy and give out to your friends on movie night. Not a HG fan? No big deal, use them the next time you throw and archery party…. because you totally do that all the time, right?

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What You’ll Need

Paper Sacks – These were 3.5″ x 2″ x 6.75″

Striped Paper Straws

Construction Paper or Card Stock – I used chocolate brown, light brown, red,  green and white for the tag

Glue Stick


how to make a paper arrow

First prep your “arrows” using the directions above

make a paper arrow

Insert your “feather” into the slit in your arrow.

free printable hunger games labels

Use this free printable to make your own arrow labels using white card stock. Just write your friends names on them after you cut them out, or better yet, decide which character they most resemble from the books and use those instead!

team peeta hunger games

Tape your tag to the front/center of your bag.

Fold the seam over and secure in place on the underside with tape.

Insert your “feather” into the slit in the straw, and slide your straw into the hole created for it in the paper bag’s fold.

team gale, hunger games

Enjoy your arrow-themed gift bags, and enjoy Catching Fire when it comes out this weekend… Happy Hunger Games, and as always, may the odds ever be in your favor!!

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