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How I Lost Weight

Some of you who’ve followed my site for a long time my know this, but for others who don’t I’ll start...

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The Look You'll Want To Wear Everyday

| Kimono | Jeans | Espadrilles | Tank | I have been obsessed with this Kimono ever since I tried it on which is kind of...

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Cucumber Kiwi Mojito

A mojito was one of the first cocktails I tried when I turned twenty-one. I imagine I’m not alone in my love for...

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Best Outfits For Vacation

A few new and favorite outfit ideas to take you into your vacation. Shorts, rompers and maxi dresses-- oh my!

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Mint Tea Salad

With Mother’s Day around the corner we thought it would be a great idea to post a light and healthy brunch...

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My Favorites in Barcelona

I've been to Barcelona so many times and it only gets more lovely with every single visit. Here are some of my tried...

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Arbor Style

When we bought our house years ago we inherited this really beautiful arbor along with it. It’s a white wood...

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