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Time Management for Working Moms

The number one question I get asked on social media? Has anyone ever told you that you have Gisele’s body?! Just kidding. Nobody has ever made that mistake. Even people with bad eyesight can see the junk in my trunk from a mile away. Actually, the question I get asked most often is about time… Read more »

Working Mom Backpack: How I Revive My Day

I get a lot of questions about my backpack. Why do you carry a backpack instead of a purse? Is it some kind of mom thing? Is it some kind of business-related thing? I guess, it’s honestly a little of both. I carried a purse for years as a working woman, then I had kids… Read more »

Not Like Other Moms

  “You know what you need mommy?” my seven year old asked me one morning while I was pouring his Cheerios into a bowl shaped like a bulldog. Any parent knows that when you get an opener like that the conversation could go in any direction imaginable. “What,” I asked him, “What do I need?” “You… Read more »

Help Your Kids Like the Nanny

Recently one of The Chic staffers had some trouble getting out the door. Her daughter was having a hard time letting mommy leave for work. She didn’t want to hang out with the nanny, she wanted to hang out with mommy. A battle of wills ensued.  Most working moms (or even moms headed out on… Read more »

Day In The Life Noonday Collection Founder: Jessica Honegger

We all know that purchasing power is a real thing. But as Jessica Honegger knows, it also saves lives. In high school, her heart for the poor was awakened as she walked the streets of the Nairobi slums. It was also the trip where she held her first orphan. Returning to her life in the States,… Read more »

Momfession: Travel Reimbursement

Last week I did something radical. I went on a vacation… and I didn’t take my kids. I know, it’s decadent, and totally unfair for every other mother who didn’t get to come along with me but Lord was it necessary. The baby is three and a half months old, which means that I had… Read more »

Momfession: Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

I’ll be totally honest, I’m blatantly ripping off the idea for this post. In my defense though, I did tell my friend Raluca I’d be stealing it. Also if I’m not mistaken she borrowed the idea from another blogger who borrowed it from someone else… so I suppose I’m not too much of a thief… Read more »

Working Mother

There was a glitch in the time space continuum today. For the second day in a row Martha, our nanny (and let’s be honest) the glue that holds this family together, has been sick. Which means that for the second day in a row, I’ve been a stay at home mom. It is a harsh… Read more »