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Milky Way Cheesecake Brownies

  Seriously, how amazing do these Milky Way Cheesecake Brownies look? I mean, it’s three desserts turned into one dessert. Doesn’t that kind of make you want to pee your pants a little?? I dreamed up this idea when I was working on my new book Sweet Girl. The story is about a young baker who’s… Read more »

How to Cut Your Toddlers Hair

I have three little boys which means I have about seven years of practice giving them marginally acceptable haircuts. Now that they’re a bit older we take them to a real barber shop where my husband knows to tell stylist which clipper length and where to “fade it in” at. I’m still relatively clueless about… Read more »

Doughnut Cake

It’s Rachel’s birthday today!!!!!! And everyone here at the Chic HQ wants to wish her a big ol’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Last year we celebrated with a Banana Cake; this year we got a little more creative.  Rachel and I share the same passion for a lot of things in life, the main one being our love… Read more »

The Chic Week

I did a little (or a lot) of shopping on District West… think Esty, but for LA based designers and makers. I love their unique pieces, all of which make great presents for fellow LA lovers like me! I fell a little bit more in love with Apple because of this precious video.  I ate… Read more »

Fancy Trash

Ok, here it is, the epic, big, crazy, AMAZING news… I’m going to have a cookbook!! Did your heart just explode? No? Just me then! Because I’m dying. I am so stinking excited I feel like I’m going to pass out at any moment but I’ll try and stay coherent long enough to give you… Read more »

Winter Reading List

I had so much great feedback from my Summer Reading List I thought I’d make one for those of you who need some new books to get you through those snowy winter nights. Below is my winter reading list. It’s a collection of favorites of mine from every genre I can think of. If you’re… Read more »

Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie

Seriously, the coolest thing about this pie is the fact that I totally made it up in my head. I mean, obviously I’ve dreamed up recipes before on this site but this wasn’t like that. I didn’t make this recipe up for the site, it was one I made up for my book, Party Girl…. Read more »

Decorating With a Crocheted Tablecloth

About 15 years ago my Mema made me a beautiful crocheted tablecloth. It must have taken her hours and hours to create the intricate design and I’ve always felt so touched by the gift. Over the years she’s knitted blankets and even sewn quilts for me, but the crocheted tablecloth has had a special place… Read more »

Inspiration for Runners

When I ran my first half marathon I was utterly overwhelmed with gratitude by all the people who came to cheer us on. You never know how much a cheering section or some inspiring words will help you until you’re close to quitting… then you recognize them for the incredible gift they are. Ever since… Read more »

Get The Look: Party Girl

You may not know Landon yet, but you’ll love her the moment you meet her. Want an inside peek into her personality and style? Here are 4 fabulous finds inspired by Rachel’s debut novel Party Girl. ~Brandee  If it sparkles, she’s all about it.  Working ’round the clock for her new job? Yes. Know how to have a little… Read more »