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Hollis Holiday Party

Every year Dave and I throw the annual Hollis Holiday Party and this year’s turned out so beautifully I wanted to share some of the detail shots with y’all. Our theme was “Hipster Coffee Shop” which sounds kind of crazy until you walked in and then it totally made sense. Leather lounges and seating areas… Read more »

Birthday Party Trick

I’m pretty old school when it comes to birthday party desserts. I don’t want cupcakes or parfaits or even a make-your-own-sundae bar… I want classic Birthday Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream. When it comes to serving this, the only issue is that it’s a total pain to scoop out the ice cream and cut the… Read more »

How To Set Up A S’mores Station

A S’mores Station is just the thing to take your summer party or wedding to the next level! Watch this Hurried Hostess episode to see the simple steps for setting one up, then read the post below to get inspired by the absolute BEST S’more to make at your S’mores Station! ~Rachel One of my… Read more »

Best Food to Bring to a Party

It’s a question I get a lot… what is the best food to bring to a party? This is particularly tough if you’re not very confident in the kitchen to begin with. In this Hurried Hostess video I’m sharing my best ideas for taking pre-packaged food from the grocery store and displaying it in the… Read more »

Coleslaw Cups

I love the idea of taking a regular every day thing, something you’ve seen a million times before, and displaying it in an unexpected way. The idea that you can elevate your everyday dishes into something more exciting simply by serving them in a different way is sort of the basis for this whole site…. Read more »

Glitter Cupcake Toppers

Glitter My World Recently I found glittery cupcake toppers for sale on Etsy and I yelped in shock! Someone was actually asking money for these simple little beauties and I thought… don’t be silly, we can totally make those ourselves! Here’s What You’ll Need Glittery Washi Tape – Michaels has a ton of options Toothpicks… Read more »

DIY Decor Duo: Succulents & Fringe

When it comes to entertaining, our goal is to find the simplest way to make an at-home party chic without wasting precious time, money or energy. If entertaining is made more simple, we’re more likely to do it! So here’s an idea. A DIY succulent centerpiece and fringe runner duo for your next casual summer party…. Read more »

Patriotic Punch

With Memorial Day weekend already upon us, we are ready to bust out our favorite warm weathered, outdoor celebration tricks. If you’re entertaining this weekend, here is the must-have beverage. It’s festive, colorful, refreshing and EASY! Not only does it take literally 10 seconds to make, but it will have your guests “oohing” and “ahing”… Read more »

Outdoor Twister

With Memorial Day Weekend almost upon us and a slew of outdoor celebrations about to spring up, we’ve been putting our think tank towards one important topic at hand – Outdoor Games. Whether it’s a kid’s party or a “big” kid’s party, this outdoor twister is a guaranteed conversation starter and an even BIGGER fun… Read more »

Ready-Made Cocktails

Throwing a warm-weathered celebration in the coming months? With Graduation parties, Father’s Day and even 4th of July around the corner, we’ve got one of our favorite low-maintenance party tips – Ready-Made Cocktails! These pre-made and jarred cocktails are the BEST way to impress your guests. Every guest loves some choices, so why not start… Read more »