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Kids’ Pirate Party

This Pirate Themed Party is so clever! There is not a single detail out of place. From the goodie bags to the themed snacks, Katherine Marie created such a playful and colorful environment for her kids. Throwing a birthday party or having a special play-date where the kids (and adults) can dress up is a… Read more »


I’m not gonna to lie to you, Halloween is not my favorite holiday–probably because there isn’t a traditional meal associated with it, and I am a fan of the traditional meal!  But I know a lot of people get really into decorating, maybe creepily so? The other day I saw a house that had not… Read more »

Ghoulish Grub

In need of something creepy to serve on your Halloween Boo-ffet?? Try these tasty treats. These are Eye Ball Appetizers made by putting a small piece of black olive into the end of a green olive then adding both to a bocaccini (mozzarella ball) and placing them all on a slice of salami. If you… Read more »

Boo-tiful Gift Bags

The perfect gift bag for your Halloween party this weekend. Fill it with tricks or treats for your festive party goers! Everything came from Michael’s Craft Store… it’s brown paper bags, sparkly black halloween stickers, gift tags, and black ribbon. Attach stickers to the tags, then use a hole punch to string black ribbon through… Read more »

Halloween Deadly Desserts

These are the spooky “Graveyard Parfaits” i made for my morning news segment the other day. My intention was that they look like layers of dirt below a grave, here’s what I used. The lowest layer is chopped peanuts, then graham crackers that I ground down in a food processor (to look like sand), then… Read more »