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Chic Halloween Decor

The words chic and Halloween don’t seem like they belong together do they?  Garish, gaudy or ghoulish seem a more likely pairing.  I think maybe this is why I was never too gung ho about decorating for this holiday. (I don’t like scary movies either.)  However, as a mom to two young children who love… Read more »

Paint It Black!

Halloween craft time!  As I’ve previously mentioned, Halloween is not my favorite holiday of the year, so consequently I don’t own much related decor.  That’s all changed after this week’s project, which doesn’t need a tutorial so much as a single instruction: “paint a whole mess of cheap crap black.” All you need is a… Read more »


I’m not gonna to lie to you, Halloween is not my favorite holiday–probably because there isn’t a traditional meal associated with it, and I am a fan of the traditional meal!  But I know a lot of people get really into decorating, maybe creepily so? The other day I saw a house that had not… Read more »