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Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy. Garlic. Bread.  Where do I sign up?! If you’re a Pinterest addict like me, (yes, I confess to spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at DIY crafts, photo styling ideas, and the sort) this is nothing new.  I’ve seen so many variations on this pull-apart bread.  There’s a bacon ranch one, a Buffalo… Read more »

Bacon Cheese Dip

It’s fall, which means various sports thingies are happening, as well as parties!  Neither would be complete without a crowd-pleasing dip … and what’s more crowd-pleasing than something that contains bacon AND cream cheese?  Literally nothing.  This dip contains both, and with the addition of tomatoes and green onion has a flavor reminiscent of a… Read more »

Tomato Soup Shooters

Around this time of year people start asking me about fun appetizers they can serve at their holiday parties. I’m a big fan of soup shooters because they’re warm, they’re easy to carry around with your wine and they always seem to surprise people. “Soup as a cocktail party appetizer?” Yes Virginia, there is a… Read more »