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Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Okay so I’m not going to lie, considering that it’s currently 11 degrees outside here on this wintery day in Kentucky, the idea of putting anything other that firewood inside of a fireplace is pretty much unfathomable to me.   Fireplaces in parts of the country where people wear Sorel and Ugg boots for warmth,… Read more »

Decor Tip: Keep Rub ‘n Buff On Hand

Today I’m sharing a little tip that may just be life changing for any of you that were previously unaware.  Okay, life changing may be a tiny bit of a stretch….but really it’s good.  So there is this little tube of awesomeness that you can purchase at your local craft store – it’s called Rub… Read more »

DIY No Sew Pillows

I’ve always believed the best way to give your home decor a fresh update is with new pillows!  And I’ve never let my inability to sew stop me from making my own.  I’m like a kid in a candy store whenever I go to a fabric store.  In fact, for me, new pillows are the… Read more »

Tips From A Designer: Coffee Table Styling

We’re continuing the “designer secrets” series this month with Kristin Jackson, from The Hunted Interior.  If you’re not already aware of Kristen’s amazing design talent, well then brace yourselves for today’s full on awesomeness!  Her design styling skills are legit!  I am continually amazed by each new project.   DIY Spotted Curtains This bedroom she just… Read more »

Romantic Decor in the Bedroom

February may be the official month of love, but adding a little romantic decor to your bedroom is something you can enjoy and appreciate year round.  Often times in the world of interior design the word romantic is intertwined with a Victorian style; but I believe no matter what your chosen style you can create… Read more »

Monograms In Design

Monograms are nothing new; though while they’ve traditionally been a Southern thing they are classically elegant and beautifully stylish!  I basically believe, when in doubt…put a monogram on it!  Take a cue from designer, Holly Mathis.  What better way to welcome guests not just during the holidays but year round!   Give a plain lamp shade… Read more »

Inspired Design with Emily A. Clark

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of Inspired Design.  Today we’ll get to take a peak into the home of Emily A. Clark!  Emily is a wife, a mom of five, and an incredibly talented designer.  She’s been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and is a regular contributor for Houzz. She shares decorating tips and projects on her blog,… Read more »

DIY Antler Ornaments

There’s something special about a handmade ornament.  Whether you participate in an ornament exchange, give them as gifts or use them on your own tree, this cute little diy antler ornament will bring out the cabin-woodsy-meets-preppy-chic lover in you! The Supplies: Cinnamon Sticks Card Stock Fabric Scraps Branches Metallic Gold Paint *optional* Pipe Cleaners Start… Read more »

Decorating with Vintage Gadgets

Are you a collector of vintage things? It’s no secret that here at The Chic we love unique finds at flee markets and thrift stores because it adds so much personality to your decor. Plus, it feels amazing to give something old a new life. For instance, vintage kitchen tools! However, when a flour sifter from… Read more »

What Every Mom Needs: A Mom Cave

Every mother needs a daily retreat…..from the noise, from the chaos, from the nagging every day tasks.  Every mom deserves a moment of personal-bliss-time to read a book, curl up with a magazine, gab with a friend on the phone or sip a hot cup of coffee or tea. But let’s face it retreating from… Read more »