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Upcycled Hardware Vases

I’m hooked on Perrier sparkling water. For me, it has little to do with the water itself, and much to do with this gorgeous green glass bottles it comes in. I have trouble throwing the bottles away because I always think “I should make something out of these.” So this past weekend I finally fulfilled… Read more »

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Cheesecake is my all time favorite dessert. However, making cheesecake is really difficult for most. That’s why we have a bit of a Cheesecake “cheater” recipe that’ll fulfill your cheesecake craving without the hassle of making it from scratch. Did I mention it also has a crispy cookie-like topping with apples and caramel drizzle? Side… Read more »

Birthday Bonanza Recap

For those of you who didn’t hear, last week we celebrated a very special lady’s 30th birthday. Rachel turned 30! Woot Woot!! And boy was it fun! As promised, here is a little recap of last week’s festivities. So how do you celebrate such an exciting milestone birthday? Drink! We started off the week right… Read more »

12 Chic Moments of 2012

I am fairly new to the My Chic Life family, which means I read through the posts of 2012 just like anyone else. From Rachel’s “Momfessions,” recipes and decor ideas, Mandy’s one-of-a-kind “DIY nots?” and Melody’s delicious treats, I have to say that these ladies rocked it this past year! Here is my 12 favorite… Read more »

Chic Giveaway – Chocolate & Cream Wreath

UPDATE: SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.  CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER, REBECCA JENSEN! We are crazy about this beautiful and CHIC wreath from the Etsy shop, TwoInspireYou. I personally love that the neutral and earthy design can stay up all year long or be used for any occasion. When the wreath arrived at the Chic office, we… Read more »

Cozy Sweater Wine Wrap

I’m the queen of procrastination, especially during the holiday season! So in order to prevent the last minute speeding to the store, half-hazardly throwing something together, and arriving to the holiday party slightly out of breath, I’ve decided to prepare BEFORE the day of the holiday party. I’ve seen adorable recycled sweater wrapped wine bottles… Read more »