Watermelon Bark

I’m pretty excited about my watermelon bark you guys! This is one of those recipes that I dreamed up in my mind (after seeing everyone else doing cool and creative bark online) and then Jonathan and I figured out how to make it a real thing. It’s absolutely darling for a summer party or a… Read more »

Sweet Tea Popsicles

I absolutely love sweet tea. In fact, my grandma’s sweet tea recipe is a favorite both here on the site and in my upcoming cookbook. And since summer is so close I thought it would be fun to turn my favorite drink into my favorite dessert! Check out these sweet tea popsicles. They’re perfect for… Read more »

PB&J Parfaits

The last time I was in New York I ordered dessert after dinner. This is nothing new guys, I don’t feel like a dinner out is worth having unless it ends with dessert. What was new was the item on the menu PB&J Parfaits. Since I am a die-hard peanut butter absolutely loved this idea… Read more »

April Fools’ Day Cupcakes

It’s a proven fact that little kids find April Fools’ Day hilarious. OK, well, it’s a proven fact that my kids find April Fools’ Day hilarious. They love trying to try and trick us by waking us up to tell is it’s snowing outside (not a possibility in LA) or that they got kicked out… Read more »

Super Food Bites

Super food bites! Jonathan made these for the office several months ago and we all devoured them in approximately twelve minutes. They’re a great mix of good-for-you things, healthy fats and tasty treats. These are an awesome thing to meal prep at the start of the week to have on hand for a snack that… Read more »

Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

Originally I had put a real live cheesecake on our editorial calendar… I thought it would be a great recipe for spring. But the more I thought of it the more I realized that’s crazy. Crazy because making a cheesecake is a lot of work, work I don’t have time for and I assume if… Read more »

Lucky Charms Blondies

When Jonathan and I talk about recipes, we basically just sit around and try to one-up each other ingredient-wise… which is how these Lucky Charms Blondies came to be. I said, “We should do something with Lucky Charms for St. Patrick’s Day.” And he was like “How about blondies?” To which I asked, “Can we… Read more »

Samoas Pudding Trifle

I mean, are you guys peeing your pants about how good this Samoa pudding looks? Because I totally am!! We had so much delicious fun creating the Trefoil Peanut Butter Banana Pudding that I knew I needed to make a new Girl Scout cookie pudding this year too.  Behold, the Samoas Pudding Trifle!!! It’s as epic… Read more »