Sangria Margarita

It’s summertime and that means it’s time for summer entertaining!  My favorite way to start a party? A signature cocktail or self serve bar. Check out my favorite ideas for playing bartender at your next event and then scroll down to get the recipe for my ultimate summer cocktail, the Sangria Margarita! 1. Set Up… Read more »

Mexican Lasagna

We’re all big fans of lasagna here at Chic HQ, but all bets are off whenever we talk about Mexican Lasagna. There’s so much love for tortillas layered with chicken, cheese, black beans and corn. What makes it even better is the fact that it’s super easy to make, and takes no effort at all…. Read more »

Parfaits To Go

 I’ve talked before about how much I love breakfast to-go. During the winter I switch back and forth between my breakfast burritos or my overnight oatmeal but now that summer is here I really wanted a lighter option. The solution? Parfaits To Go! This is more of an idea than a recipe, so feel free to… Read more »

Blended Sangria

Is there anything better than Sangria on a hot summer day? Yes! Blended Sangria on any old day at all. This recipe takes the ingredients and flavors we love in Sangria and takes it to the next level by turning it into a slush. This is an awesome recipe for a summer party or just… Read more »

Crunchy Ramen Salad

Have you guys ever tried a Crunchy Ramen Salad? There was a period of time when I was in my early teens that the ladies in my hometown served this at every single party they threw. They loved the crunch of the cabbage and absolutely adored that they were using Top Ramen in a cool… Read more »

Kiwi Mai Tai

If you happened to read my post on our Hawaiian vacation earlier this year then you might have noticed I had this cocktail in my hand for most of it. I love the colors and the flavors in this drink and because it’s something I usually sip when I’m somewhere tropical, making one at home makes… Read more »

Pretty Ice Cubes

Summer is almost here and that means I’ll be serving lots of ice cold drinks in the near future. To add an extra special touch I love to make pretty ice cubes like these and store them in the freezer for when my friends come over. Check out how I do it! You can absolutely make… Read more »

Kale Caesar Pasta Salad

I love pasta salad. I love Caesar salad. It was only a matter of time guys. This recipe for Kale Caesar Pasta Salad is so yummy you guys! It makes a great side dish for a cookout or an easy weeknight dinner.  You can go the quicker route and just use some store bought rotisserie… Read more »

7-Up Biscuits

So here’s the thing. I kept seeing 7-Up Biscuits over and over on Facebook and I kept thinking to myself… I wonder if those are as tasty as they look. Guess what guys? They’re one hundred times tastier than they look! We made a batch at Chic HQ and every single member of the staff was… Read more »

Chicken Salad

A few weeks ago I wrote about my meal planning and how I stock my fridge in advance to help me stay on a high protein diet. One of the things I spoke about making in advance was chicken salad and probably fifty people emailed asking if I’d share the recipe. So here you go,… Read more »