Frozen Mojitos

Frozen Mojitos are the flavors you love in your favorite cocktail: sugary sweet, fresh mint, a kick of lime but they’re all blended up with ice to be extra delicious! This summer the name of the game is blended drinks! OK, true, it’s not like the idea of blended drinks is anything new but the… Read more »

The Best Grilled Steak

The secret to the best grilled steak? The best marinade!!! Oh, and also, not cooking it for too long and allowing it to rest before you cut it. Also, cutting against the grain. Actually, there are a few tips you should know if you want to create the best grilled steak. Check them all out… Read more »

Watermelon Bark

I’m pretty excited about my watermelon bark you guys! This is one of those recipes that I dreamed up in my mind (after seeing everyone else doing cool and creative bark online) and then Jonathan and I figured out how to make it a real thing. It’s absolutely darling for a summer party or a… Read more »

BBQ Chicken Layered Salad

Around these parts, we take our ranch dressing seriously! So seriously in fact, that we plan recipes like BBQ Chicken Layered Salad just for the chance to properly highlight my favorite dressing!  I love my 7 Layered Salad recipe so much and I wanted to figure out how to put a different spin on it. That… Read more »

One Pot Kielbasa Pasta

I love kielbasa! No, scratch that, I freaking love kielbasa! I grew up eating it grilled on the barbecue or served in a stir fry or on a bun like a hotdog. So when we were trying to come up a new one pot dinner for you guys, kielbasa was our protein of choice. In… Read more »

Jerk Chicken Salad

It’s a widely known fact that I love my mama’s recipe for chicken salad. And since my diet centers mostly around high protein I like to keep this chicken salad stocked in my fridge so I’ve got a go-to snack whenever I’m hungry.  The only catch is that eating the same thing can get boring,… Read more »

Baked Bloomin’ Onions

YES!!! I’m sorry, but that picture of baked bloomin onion exploding with flavor and served alongside some spicy ranch makes me have to holler! It’s no secret that I take my appetizers really seriously– my corn dip recipe has been pinned a million times and this bean and cheese dip is the stuff of legends. … Read more »

Mini Tequila Bottle Margaritas

Ok, how stinking cute are these mini tequila bottle margaritas? I can’t even handle it! I asked Jonathan to help me create something that looked liked a vacation in a glass and dang it, these are it. Oh sure, you could make a regular margarita. We have strawberry jalapeño margaritas and pineapple cinnamon margaritas but… Read more »

Spinach Artichoke Pasta

Remember how in last week’s RachTalk episode a fan asked me what my favorite dip was? Remember how I answered with Spinach Artichoke Dip because it really is the most delicious thing ever? Yes well, I’ve taken my love of dips and turned them into something extra special. Dinner! If I’m being honest, I’ve for… Read more »

Mason Jar Cocktail Kits

Mason Jar Cocktail Kits? Yes ma’am we sure did! The thing is, Mother’s Day is minutes away and chances are, if you’re the mother of young kiddos you’re going to get cute things. You’re going to get handmade preciousness from pre-school. You’re going to get a rainbow colored puffin from clay class. You’re going to… Read more »