After School Snacks

When my boys get home from school they’re hungry, hungry hippos. They head straight for the kitchen and snack on anything they can get their hands on. Because I work full-time I try and prep as much as I can in advance so I know exactly what they’re eating when I’m not around. I do… Read more »

Homemade Yogurt Pops

Ford Hollis absolutely loves yogurt that comes in a tube… he also loves ice cream. So, when he was a baby I started putting the tube yogurt in the freezer and telling him it was ice cream. I thought that yogurt must be better than giving him real ice cream and so it became his… Read more »

Key Lime Pie Cheesecake Pops

Yes, you read that right… these are Key Lime pie cheesecake pops and they’re as delicious as they are adorable. This creamy, tangy, sweet dessert makes the perfect summer treat and you should totally serve it at your next party so all of your friends think you’re super fancy! We start by getting our popsicle… Read more »

Breakfast Sandwich To Go

I’ve shown you my breakfast burritos, my parfaits and even my overnight oatmeal but I’m a sucker for a good breakfast in a hurry so I thought I’d share another one: breakfast sandwich to go! First of all, you don’t even need me to sell you on the idea of a breakfast sandwich, right? It’s… Read more »

Italian Dressing Grilled Chicken

I have been marinating my grilled chicken in this ingredient since Girl Scout Camp in the 6th grade. Ok, well technically, I wasn’t doing the marinating back then. But, the first time I had Italian dressing grilled chicken was the same trip where we performed a choreographed dance to Indian Outlaw by Tim McGraw, so… Read more »

Peach Crostini

Just writing this post makes me hungry! The bad news (for me) is that we shot this post for peach crostini weeks ago so I can’t snack on them now. The good news (also for me) is that these are so stinking easy to make I can totally go whip some up when I get home…. Read more »

Salads To Go

Come on, admit it guys, these are basically the cutest Salads To Go you’ve ever seen in your whole life! Last year we made a recipe where we put our salads in plastic tumblers, which was great because it’s always nice to prep your lunch in advance. But then we thought what if you’re having… Read more »

Shortcake Parfaits

You guys know how I feel about a mason jar, right? I put almost everything I can think of in them and a summertime dessert is no exception! In this recipe I took a classic dessert in strawberry shortcake and turned it into shortcake parfaits. I love this idea because you can use it with… Read more »

Sangria Margarita

It’s summertime and that means it’s time for summer entertaining!  My favorite way to start a party? A signature cocktail or self serve bar. Check out my favorite ideas for playing bartender at your next event and then scroll down to get the recipe for my ultimate summer cocktail, the Sangria Margarita! 1. Set Up… Read more »

Mexican Lasagna

We’re all big fans of lasagna here at Chic HQ, but all bets are off whenever we talk about Mexican Lasagna. There’s so much love for tortillas layered with chicken, cheese, black beans and corn. What makes it even better is the fact that it’s super easy to make, and takes no effort at all…. Read more »