Fajita Pasta

Here at Chic HQ we love a one pot meal! Our one pot chicken and rice is the stuff of legends and we wanted to add to the arsenal. Up next? Fajita Pasta!! I got this idea from California Pizza Kitchen’s Tequila Lime Chicken Fettuccini, because my mom orders it every time we go! Our… Read more »

Taco Mac n Cheese

Super Bowl is just around the corner and that means a lot of different things, depending on who you’re asking. For my husband, that means a big game and a day spent screaming at players I don’t know the names of. For me? It means a game day party! And honestly, since I don’t know… Read more »

Slow Cooker Freezer Meals

Freezer meals are the perfect way to prep for the week ahead and in this post you’ll find our best freezer friendly combos. Put all the ingredients for your favorite Chic slow cooker recipes in a ziploc bag and store in the freezer. The night before you’re ready to use, just put in the fridge to defrost. The next morning,… Read more »

Stuffin’ Muffins

I first made Stuffin’ Muffins several years back when I was working on a campaign for a stuffing brand. I had been tasked with coming up with new and cool ways to use stuffing and baking them up into adorable little muffin portions seemed like an awesome way to go about it. Watch the video… Read more »

Green Chili Mashed Potatoes

Jonathan and I are big fans of covering our mashed potatoes corn. Do you guys do that too? Well if you don’t, you’re missing out on something special and we’re such hardcore fans of this combo we decided to make a special recipe with the idea. These are our green chili mashed potatoes made in… Read more »

Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

My mom used to make lentil soup when I was younger… though hers (no disrespect to my Mama) never tasted anywhere near as good as our slow cooker lentil soup! This recipe has bacon and swiss chard, carrots and celery too. It’s an awesome recipe for fall and a great meal that you can eat… Read more »

Slow Cooker Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Y’all know how much I love a slow cooker recipe… but sometimes I want something a little lighter. So how about some Slow Cooker Chicken Lettuce Wraps? These are the perfect snack for watching the big game or the ideal weeknight dinner if you’ve got a busy calendar. I can’t wait to hear if you guys… Read more »

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

When I was little beef stroganoff was my favorite! Granted, we used a pre-packaged box to make ours (aka Hamburger Helper), but my little kid taste buds couldn’t have cared less! Now that my taste buds and I are all grown up I asked Jonathan if he’d help me figure out a recipe for slow… Read more »