Margherita French Bread Pizza

For this week’s $3 dinner I thought pizzas would be fun! After all, kiddos love pizza and when it’s a super simple version like this Margherita French Bread Pizza moms and dads love it too! ~Rachel  We begin by toasting the bread in the oven first. Brush the bread with the garlic, herb infused olive… Read more »

Cheerwine Pork Roast

As it happens, I have not one but two chic staffers who were born and raised in North Carolina. That means 20% of Chic HQ are die-hard crazy fans of Cheerwine. If you’re like me and are just hearing about Cheerwine for the first time, allow me to fill you in. It’s this delicious and totally iconic… Read more »

Mushroom Chicken

When we started creating $3 Dinners here on the site it was because I believe every parent should be able to feed their kiddos a healthy dinner without spending a ton of money. Inexpensive meals are possible, you just have to pick a handful of great ingredients instead of a dozen. This week’s recipe for… Read more »

Arugula Salad Pizza

Its time for another installment of our series, Chic 3 Dollar Dinners (that’s 3 dollars per person, for a family of four!) This time around, we’re bringing you this healthier vegetarian pizza recipe, Arugula Salad Pizza. It’s not only easy to make, but you can feel good about your family eating it, too!  The greatest… Read more »

Baked Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

We’re always thinking of using pumpkin for all of our baking, and dessert recipes but somehow we forget that pumpkins themselves aren’t actually sweet. You can also use this fall time gourd for savory dishes as well. Like this delicious Baked Pumpkin Mac and Cheese. We take a little help from the store using a… Read more »

Shrimp Pesto Arugula Pasta

We’re always on the run, never having enough time to make a meal for our families. Let’s not even talk about the fact that going to the grocery store can be pretty pricey. Our Chic $3 Dinners are meant to make feeding your family tastier and less expensive! This shrimp pesto arugula pasta is not… Read more »

Mashed Cauliflower

Even though we all love a good mashed potato, we do have to stay open to many different options when it comes to side dishes. If you’ve never tried mashed cauliflower before, then you’re missing out. It’s the perfect substitute for a potato and it happens to be extremely easy to make! Bring a large… Read more »

Avocado Tuna Melts

The Chic’s #CHIC3DD meals are back! In this edition we’re bringing you these delicious Avocado Tuna Melts! With just 12 bucks you can feed your family of four. Ditch those trips to the drive-thru and give your family something you can actually be proud of! Healthy and cost efficient, this sandwich is the perfect weeknight… Read more »

Slow-Cooker Jalapeño Creamed Corn

I have to confess that I’ve actually never tried (let alone heard of) creamed corn before this. A couple of weeks ago, Rachel came up to me super excited about creamed corn and asked me to make it for the site with the addition of jalapeño. This spicy but sweet side dish is super easy… Read more »

Spinach, Pear and Feta Quesadillas

If you’re trying to find new and exciting ways to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables (like spinach and pears, for instance) I find that the best way to do this is by stuffing them into a cheesy quesadilla. Fool them by masking the fruits and veggies with lots of melted cheese… Read more »

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Back in 2004 when I was looking to name my events company, I stumbled across the word 'Chic' in an old dictionary. The definition was: “a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit”. I fell in love with the word and the idea that chic is the pursuit of something better, prettier, or cooler than you are today. Chic isn’t a state of being or even a destination, chic is the journey you take on the way to something greater. ~Rachel

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Question: From RJ in Los Angeles Hi Rachel! We had a gathering last night where quite a few kids (mostly toddlers) showed up with their parents. My husband and I are childless, but love kids and aren’t afraid of messes/things breaking, etc. But, one of the mothers made a comment about “another friend of hers… Read more »

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