Spinach Artichoke Pasta

Remember how in last week’s RachTalk episode a fan asked me what my favorite dip was? Remember how I answered with Spinach Artichoke Dip because it really is the most delicious thing ever? Yes well, I’ve taken my love of dips and turned them into something extra special. Dinner! If I’m being honest, I’ve for… Read more »

Slow-Cooker Chipotle Barbacoa

Remember a few weeks ago when I was on Instagram trying to figure out how to make the barbacoa recipe from Chipotle in my slow cooker?      Trying to recreate the barbacoa recipe from @chipotlemexicangrill in a #crockpot. I can’t say for sure, but I’m almost positive that developing slow cooker recipes is my spiritual… Read more »

Southwestern Taco Meatloaf

I don’t understand people who don’t like meatloaf. I am a huge fan of any scenario where meat gets mixed up with other delicious ingredients and baked in a pan! It’s why I go out of my way to make things like cheeseburger meatloaf or balsamic bacon meatloaf and why I’m always on the lookout… Read more »

No-Crust Pizza Cups

No-Crust Pizza Cups, you say? Yes I do!  Since so many people are on a  low-carb diet (myself included) I thought this would make an awesome recipe for the site. Use Canadian bacon as your “crust” and then you can enjoy any kind of pizza you like. In this instance we did “supreme” because that’s… Read more »

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

About a month ago I went shopping for a new cookbook. I’ve got an arsenal of recipes that my family loves but I really wanted to branch out to some new stuff. I wasn’t even sure where to start that wasn’t a celebrity chef or a specific kind of diet so I literally just walked the… Read more »

Chicken Recipes

Do you love trying out new recipes?  Here at Chic, we love food and we love to cook.  One of our favorite ingredients to use is chicken, it’s the most versatile protein out there!  You can bake it, fry it, roast it, throw it in a tortilla, the options are endless!  Whether you’re pressed for… Read more »

Beef Enchilada Skillet

Man I love enchiladas!  Growing up they were one of my favorite dinners, and since that was in the 80’s it was classic ground beef, cheddar cheese and black olives sliced on top. For a new (and extra delicious) spin we’re making a beef enchilada skillet. All the flavors you and I love with some… Read more »

Slow Cooker Guinness Pot Roast

We had such great luck with our Guinness Brownies recipe that I decided we should try out more Guinness based recipes in time for St Patricks Day. Check out this awesome Slow Cooker Guinness Pot Roast. The brew adds a great rich flavor to the meat you have to try to believe!  Start by searing… Read more »

Apricot Jelly Pork Chops

I’m trying to remember if apricot jelly pork chops is a recipe I invented or one I found in a magazine years ago. I haven’t made it in years but I remember being a newlywed and trying out some kind of concoction like this that was so good it felt like magic. After I’d cooked… Read more »

Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms

How good does this creamy chicken and mushrooms look?? Is anyone else as hungry for it as I am? This is the exact kind of dinner we love at our house. The garlic adds great flavor and the parsley really brightens the dish against the richness of the cream and butter. I serve it over… Read more »