How To Make a Pocket Fold Napkin

The pocket fold napkin is my go-to for dinner party place settings, and something I used for years and years when I was a wedding planner. I just love that you can tuck something in: a menu, a place card, a flower, or even a party favor… the options are endless! For those of you… Read more »

Use a Colander as an Ice Bucket

  The first time I saw someone do this I had a small heart attack… I mean, it’s just SO genius how did we not think of this ages ago? I tend to set up self-serve bars at my parties and I always had a cute little bucket or glass for the ice but after… Read more »

Hanging Napkin Place Setting

This was a napkin fold I “invented” the very first time I hosted Christmas dinner at our house. I was a newlywed and realized moments into setting my holiday table that I didn’t actually know how to fold linens as well as I thought. After breaking down in tears I tried a simple long fold… Read more »

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

So tomorrow is my birthday… my 31st birthday to be exact. Notice how I didn’t mind telling you my age? Notice how I didn’t hesitate? That’s because I LOVE birthdays… most especially, my own. Does that make me a nerd? Probably. Years ago it seems it suddenly became uncool to celebrate your birthday. You were… Read more »

5 Steps for Hosting A Cozy Night In

Whether you’re escaping the snow or avoiding the crowds, this time of year is perfect for ditching the dinner reservations or swanky cocktail lounge plans for a beautiful night at home. When I think of unwinding on the weekends, my mind goes straight to sweatpants and movie marathons with me, myself and I… but I’m… Read more »

7 Tips for a Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve

Years ago I would spend weeks planning New Year’s Eve. Sometimes Dave and I would make reservations at super-fancy restaurants and ring in the new year enjoying a pre-fixed menu and expensive champagne. Sometimes we’d get a whole group of the coolest people we knew and go to a swanky lounge or a Hollywood club…. Read more »

Cozy Hot Cocoa Bar

So many people will set up beautiful bars for their holiday party, but not everyone thinks about this sort of “bar”. Warm up your best cocoa and include all your favorite toppings so guests can build their own version. Read on to see how I did it! ~Rachel For this bar I started with a… Read more »

Hunger Games Gift Bags

In case you weren’t aware, I’m a HUGE hardcore book nerd. I read everything and anything and ever since I was old enough to apply for a library card I’ve had my nose in a book. Like every other red blooded American reader, I loved the Hunger Games series (here’s to strong female protagonists!) so… Read more »

Mustache Lollipops for Movember

I don’t know if Movember is a big deal where you are, but here in LA it’s quite the thing to do. In case you’ve never heard of it before, Movember is the practice by which every man with the genetics and the inclination to do so, doesn’t shave during the month of November. I… Read more »

Party Serving Size

I can’t tell you how many times friends or family members have called me over the years to ask how much wine, or appetizers, or much of the main course they need for an upcoming party. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a dinner party and there wasn’t enough food… Read more »

About The Chic

Back in 2004 when I was looking to name my events company, I stumbled across the word 'Chic' in an old dictionary. The definition was: “a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit”. I fell in love with the word and the idea that chic is the pursuit of something better, prettier, or cooler than you are today. Chic isn’t a state of being or even a destination, chic is the journey you take on the way to something greater. ~Rachel

Rachel's Latest Answer

Question: Star, from Macon, GA Asks: What type of food will I need if I’m hosting a sip and shop? Rachel’s Answer: Hi Star, there’s really no wrong answer here. When I’ve hosted shopping events in the past I tend to focus on light and fun appetizers like Cheddar Apple Crostini or these individual Quinoa Salads.  Brunch is always a nice… Read more »

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