Cactus Party Favor

This is another case of me falling in love with a can… then trying to figure out a clever way to incorporate it into a party! These cute little cacti can be used as a party favor or as a seating card and if you use the punny little tags I made for you everyone… Read more »

“Rainbow Seeds” Candy Bags

 St Patrick’s Day is coming and there are all sorts of ideas to make this holiday fun for your kids but maybe none more fun than this one… “Rainbow Seeds.” As an added bonus, while you make these you can munch on the candy… you know, for quality control purposes. I will admit that the Chic… Read more »

DIY Button Thumbtacks

I love my bulletin board, but I absolutely hated the weird neon thumbtacks I was using to pin everything up on it… it was time for a thumbtack makeover! A few buttons (I already had a hodgepodge collection) a little glue gun (every crafter has one of those) a few minutes later and we were… Read more »

Juice Box Snowmen

I love simple little crafts that I can slip into the boys lunch to make them feel special! These juice box covers are adorable and fun, and if you can convince the kiddos not to throw them out at school you could reuse them over and over. Follow the directions below to make this easy… Read more »

Last Minute Hostess Gift

If you need a last-minute hostess gift but don’t want to bring another boring bottle of wine, take five extra minutes and fancy it up a bit! By using two pretty matching dish towels as your wrapping you’ll add some value to your gift and impress your host with your creativity!   Just lay your… Read more »

Hunger Games Gift Bags

In case you weren’t aware, I’m a HUGE hardcore book nerd. I read everything and anything and ever since I was old enough to apply for a library card I’ve had my nose in a book. Like every other red blooded American reader, I loved the Hunger Games series (here’s to strong female protagonists!) so… Read more »

DIY Jewelry Inspired Wine Charms

Tis the season to start dreaming up hostess gifts and stocking stuffers! Last weekend I was headed to a girl’s weekend and I made everyone wine charms, which, as you all know, is a necessity when faced with so many wine glasses in one space. Like with most posts in my life, I was half… Read more »

Mustache Lollipops for Movember

I don’t know if Movember is a big deal where you are, but here in LA it’s quite the thing to do. In case you’ve never heard of it before, Movember is the practice by which every man with the genetics and the inclination to do so, doesn’t shave during the month of November. I… Read more »

Embroidery Thread Gift Wrap

Embroidery thread is one of those craft items, like buttons or beads, that I always have a ton of leftovers and I’m always trying to figure out what to do with it later. I bought a ton of this colorful thread when I was making my Hand Stitched Journals, and it suddenly occurred to me… Read more »

Kids’ Pirate Party

This Pirate Themed Party is so clever! There is not a single detail out of place. From the goodie bags to the themed snacks, Katherine Marie created such a playful and colorful environment for her kids. Throwing a birthday party or having a special play-date where the kids (and adults) can dress up is a… Read more »

About The Chic

Back in 2004 when I was looking to name my events company, I stumbled across the word 'Chic' in an old dictionary. The definition was: “a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit”. I fell in love with the word and the idea that chic is the pursuit of something better, prettier, or cooler than you are today. Chic isn’t a state of being or even a destination, chic is the journey you take on the way to something greater. ~Rachel

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Question: Star, from Macon, GA Asks: What type of food will I need if I’m hosting a sip and shop? Rachel’s Answer: Hi Star, there’s really no wrong answer here. When I’ve hosted shopping events in the past I tend to focus on light and fun appetizers like Cheddar Apple Crostini or these individual Quinoa Salads.  Brunch is always a nice… Read more »

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