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Merry Terrariums

One of the problems with crafting Christmas gifts is the amount of time it takes to lovingly render something for friends and family with your own two hands.  We all have to-do lists a mile long, so unless you are one of those rare exotic types who has had your shopping done since early fall… Read more »

Chalk It Up

I can’t believe it’s Christmas time again!  Seems like I was just working on these tags and this wreath, but here I am, another year wiser, browsing the aggressively festive holiday-themed shelves of the craft store once more.  Fortunately, I have a project for you that requires nothing from the crowded Christmas section!  A few… Read more »

Bacon Cheese Dip

It’s fall, which means various sports thingies are happening, as well as parties!  Neither would be complete without a crowd-pleasing dip … and what’s more crowd-pleasing than something that contains bacon AND cream cheese?  Literally nothing.  This dip contains both, and with the addition of tomatoes and green onion has a flavor reminiscent of a… Read more »

Paint It Black!

Halloween craft time!  As I’ve previously mentioned, Halloween is not my favorite holiday of the year, so consequently I don’t own much related decor.  That’s all changed after this week’s project, which doesn’t need a tutorial so much as a single instruction: “paint a whole mess of cheap crap black.” All you need is a… Read more »

Harissa Shrimp with Cilantro Garlic Yogurt Sauce

If you watch any amount of the Food Network, you’ve probably heard of harissa.  I believe I first heard of it on an episode of “Chopped,” where as I recall it was part of a basket that included Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a quail egg, and a handful of Vicodin … or did I dream that?… Read more »

Block (Printing) Party

This is one of the more complicated crafts I’ve tackled on DIY Not?, only because it involves investing in a few supplies and a small element of danger.  I’m kind of not kidding about the danger — there are sharp tools in the mix!  But don’t be intimidated–block printing is a really fun technique to… Read more »

Roasted Golden Beets

I realized that I have a prejudice against a certain root vegetable, and it stems from a childhood trauma … OK, well, not so much a trauma as a mandate from my mother to clean my plate before I could leave the dinner table.  I remember staring down at them, those evil-looking sliced rounds of… Read more »

Pear With Me

I realize this isn’t necessarily the most summery of crafts, but you know that old saying about when life hands you paper mache pears, right?  Make something with them right away no matter what month it is?  I can’t remember who originally said that… but  I have this empty bowl in the middle of the… Read more »

It’s Stencil Time, Baby

Babies! They’re so picky and particular about what they wear, am I right?  The good news for you is that with just a few inexpensive supplies and a little bit of patience, you can be the hit of the next baby shower you attend, OR your own baby’s favorite parent!  These stencils and techniques can… Read more »

Wily Chayote

So, I’ve always seen these little pear-shaped squashes with ends that look like scrunched-up faces at the market, but I’ve never known what they tasted like or what you can make from them.  Turns out they’re called chayote squash, and they’re native to Mexico but used widely in other Latin cuisines.  Somehow I’ve missed out… Read more »