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Morning Routine for Lifestyle BloggerI feel like everywhere I look on You Tube lately there are videos from bloggers about their morning routine. Unfortunately, every video is like beautiful looking women with perfect skin who are making twenty ingredient omelettes and spending three hours in pilates before they start their day. My morning routine doesn’t look anything like their morning routine! In fact, my morning routine isn’t pretty, or relaxed and very rarely does it involve a core strengthening workout. I’m a working mother of three little boys and this video is the truth. Here’s what my morning routine really is! 


Rachel Hollis BEFORE Morning Routine

I wish I slept in gorgeous silky pajamas… but most of the time I wear one of Dave’s old t-shirts and some aged pajama bottoms. After a quick shower (yes with a shower cap– don’t judge!) I do take my time with my skin care regimen. You can read about it here if you’re curious. 

Rachel Hollis Skincare Morning RoutineRachel Hollis Robe

Once my hair and makeup is done I do my best to pick out an outfit that’s cute and doesn’t have any dried Cheerios stuck in random places. For work it’s usually an outfit pretty similar to the ones in this post. After I’m dressed I give out hugs and kisses to all my boys. Then I usually grab another cup of coffee or a green juice and finish up my morning routine by heading out the door to work. 

Rachel Hollis AFTER Morning Routine
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11 Responses to “My Morning Routine”

  1. Lindsay

    Hello! I love watching the videos that you post. I was wondering what type of backpack you use?? Have you done an episode where you go through all of the essentials that you pack in it? Thanks!

  2. Hilary

    Super cute robe! I’m all for a quick and easy morning routine, especially when I’ve got three little girls of my own to get ready and out the door as well!

    • Rachel Hollis

      The basics are kale, spinach, half an apple, half a lemon and cucumber. BUT I’ve been known to throw almost anything I have laying around in there that’s green. 😉

  3. Lisa

    Hi Rachel, great video! I totally get your relationship with coffee, I’m pretty much on the floor waiting too haha! I don’t know what kind of Whey protein you buy, but I found a really good one on by Biochem we get the large can of Vanilla for $22. It has stevia, no artificial chemicals or preservatives and it tastes really good. I use Unsweetened almond milk, water is too thin for me. It’s good for kids too. It’s also one of the best for reduced calories!

  4. Sara

    Thanks for sharing! I have always thought i was the only one who didnt do fancy breakfast, fed my kids cereal every morning becuase its quick and easy, wore a shower cap some days becuase i didnt want to dry my hair, etc. So glad im not! By the way, your boys are adorable!

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