DIY Ice Buckets

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How amazing are these DIY Ice Buckets?

They are so great and they’ll make the most adorable accessory for your next party. Use them to keep your spirits chilly and your bar festive! Scroll down for the how to! ~Rachel

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Place in the freezer overnight and remove just before guest arrive. Use a pair of scissors to cut the side of the plastic and peel away and then your DIY Ice Buckets are ready to use. Be sure to store on a plate or platter to catch any drips. how to keep liquer cold for parties

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24 Responses to “DIY Ice Buckets”

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Martyna,
      When they melt down a bit the bottle slides out. Until then the ice stays attached to the bottle and we just pour it that way. 😉

        • Rachel Hollis

          Wine doesn’t freeze because there’s too much alcohol content in it… but it can mess with your cork (if it’s not a twist off cap) I would suggest making with an empty bottle that’s a little bigger than the wine bottle you need. Cheap champagne for instance has a bigger base than most wine bottles so that would work. Then you can just slip out the empty bottle and pop in your wine. =)

  1. Erin Stricklin

    What a great idea! I definitely want to use this beautiful way to keep beverages cold. It’s festive and looks really easy to do. Thanks for sharing this creative touch!

  2. Dena Calivas

    Beautiful!! I’ve also seen OJ cardboard cartons used and peeled away after freezing. Then placed in a beautiful bowl as the ice melts!

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