Organize Your Shower

Shower BeforeUgh, does your shower look like this too?

Mine has been this mismatched monstrosity for years and I cringe whenever I see it because it’s just so, well, ugly! Recently though I decided to find a way to make it look better and to help you organizes your shower.

Use Spa Bottles in Bathroom

I ordered these plastic soap bottles from Amazon in colors that would match my bathroom. Then I just filled them with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and even face soap. The end result is so much prettier and a great way to organize your shower.

Shower Before and After


Shower Organization Before and After Matching Bottles for Shower brown soap bottles

17 Responses to “Organize Your Shower”

  1. Bee

    They look great but I don’t think I can do this since they all look a like…I don’t want to accidentally start washing my hair wish body wash or anything like that! It really does look nice though…

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Bee,

      I wrote on mine with a Sharpie. “S” “C” and “W” so I know which is which but the letters aren’t visible from the front. Also, mine stay in the same spot on the shelf so I know which place each is in. 😉 ~Rachel

  2. Laura

    Also try sunburst bottle. Found them when planning my wedding (mason jars were big trend) and they’re crazy cheap!

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