Wrapping Paper Storage

Wrapping Paper Storage

My mom has always had the most amazing gift wrapping station set up in her home. So amazing in fact, that all the aunts, uncles and cousins still bring their unwrapped gifts home to her house at Christmas to do their gift wrapping there. So when I started thinking about wrapping paper storage, I was inspired by her ability to keep such a vast collection organized! This little trick is so simple, and since we all likely have an extra garment bag around, it is likely free! Just grab all your loose rolls that are causing clutter in your closet and place them neatly in a garment bag. Hang the bag in the closet and easily access what you need when its gift wrapping time! ~Cortnee

Wrapping Paper Garment Bag


– You can use any garment bag you already have to do this. Or if you want to be able to see the wrapping paper you could purchase a clear garment bag, like we did.

– Keep your wrapping paper storage in the hall closet with your other quick hostess needs like your hanging linens!

Wrapping Paper Closet Storage

70 Responses to “Wrapping Paper Storage”

    • Cortnee Brown

      Glad you like it Shambray! Got to love those simple ideas right?! Hope you find it helpful 🙂 ~Cortnee

  1. brenda

    I think I will have to move my things out of the tall lamp boxes I got from the miving company. it has been pretty good but I think the garment bag might help with dust.
    ##please follow p with how she stores the other supplies in her wrapping station. I have tried all sorts of things converting oatmeal boxes with slits in the sides, shoe boxes with grommets etc etc etc.


    Great idea, and I have tried it, but how do you make it husband proof. He takes out one roll and they all collapse. It is then left to me to put them back in line up. Have you rectified that challenge? Please share.

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hahaha, this is great question but not one I’ve ever had to deal with because my hubs doesn’t know how to wrap a gift! I guess the blessing here is that yours does! 😉 ~Rachel

    • Jackie W.

      Put the garment bag on the floor under your bed. They will all lay flat and visible when you pull them out.

    • Mary

      Cut an empty toilet paper roll so that you can clamp it around your wrapping paper rolls them you have to redo only tha one that hubby uses

  3. Har Joss

    Very clever. All looks great and in line when it is flat however when you’ll try to hang this bag, the edges of the bag will crumple and the rolls will shift around.
    So I thought of something to avoid this issue, haven’t tried it though.

    First you need a bag that holds suits and not dresses as these are too long.
    Then I would replace the hanger with a piece of lightweight wood, wide as much as the garment bag is and deep as much as the rolls are, then attach the hook from the wooden hanger to be able to hang it.
    This way it will keep straight and will not crumple. I would then add another one at the bottom of the bag. On this bottom one you can sit file holders or any other narrow tall container to further secure the rolls in place or even group them.

    On both shelves lets call them attach small pieces of Velcro to avoid tearing of the bag.
    If you are too craftsy you can glue on the shelves some nice printed material and add a rolled up stripe with the same material or contrasting one all around the shelf for padding.

    • Karen

      What about putting egg cartons in the bottom? It might keep the bag from collapsing and have a cup for each roll to sit in.

    • Laquita

      I understand your idea of the file folders, as being the kind that are enclosed on both sides. You can put the paper rolls into the folder, according to type. That will help hold them in place when removing only one.
      Thank you for these clever ideas. I can
      I can’t wait to try them. You young girls are so full of clever things.

  4. Jackie W.

    Lay the garment bag on the floor under a bed. All paper rolls will lay flat and readily visible when you pull them out.

  5. chris martin

    You need an awful lot of closet space for this! A prob if there is already a shortage… cm

    • Rachel Hollis

      Chris I have to disagree with you. You need one hanger’s space worth of storage and if you’ve got a lot of extra wrapping paper this is a great way to keep it all together. ~Rachel

  6. From: Rachel Tally

    I love, Love, Love this idea. Can’t wait to put all my rolls in this extra bag that I have.

  7. ladyhawke

    I love this and do no know why no one thought of it before. To solve the roll moving issue I took the cardboard piece that is on the top and bottom of a multi-pack package of wrapping paper and put them side by sde in bottom of the bag. This keeps them in a straight row and will stop them from all jumbling together when you take one out to use.

  8. Rosanne Robinson

    Both of these ideas are great suggestions for storing the garment bag of wrapping paper – either under the bed or in a closet, just keeping the paper rolls from unwinding & tearing, dust free and in a spot where I can find them is definitely helpful, thanks!

  9. lesley m

    Great idea! I seriously have SOOOO much wrapping paper and this sorted it all so quickly. I cut a backing card from some old packaging and popped it in the bag before adding the rolls. Keeps them straight no problem!

  10. Carolyn

    Once upon a time I had a stash of wrapping paper and bows, so much so that I broke the hanger of a purchased cloth hanger much like the one shown but with pockets dividers sewn vertically to keep the rolls in place. II no longer buy more than 1 large roll of wrapping paper at Christmas. I choose a color combination that I can use almost all year. I do buy at least one set of plain white large gift boxes that I can stamp and personalize according to other gift giving events. White freezer paper or plain packing paper can make a unique gift package if you get your creative talents going. White tissue paper can fill gaps. Since I’m currently giving mostly gift cards or cookbooks I can make a personalized envelope and card to go with each gift. I buy one roll of curly ribbon and I’m set. I’ve used wall paper samples, place mats, tablecloths, napkins, white paper bags, and so forth to wrap presents. A great way to use up some of those new things you bought on sale but are now taking up valuable space.

  11. Deborah

    I have my wrap in a garment bag I made that is also clear I made from pvc. Much thicker and easier to work with. Has a few pockets for ribbon, tape and siscorrs. I don’t use to much paper anymore though. Most times depending I use tuling. I keep several colors, widths plus themes and its reusable, makes for great bows. Relatively inexpensive and I find family and friends reuse it on their packages. This all fits inside this garment bags, however I too found them to work more effortless flat under a bed or couch.

  12. Bene

    Very greatful idea ! I’m going to the same thing to put my pattern ! Thank you so much !
    (sorry for my English I am French).

    • Megan

      What about cutting a toilet paper roll to slide over the tops and bottoms of the wrapping paper roll- attaching that to a hanger with a binder clip. The type of hanger you typically find in a motel room – where the bottom bar/slat unhooks on one side typically – and why not add a shoe pocket organizer

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