Homemade Hydrating Face Mist For Dry Skin

Jasmine Green Tea Lemon Oil E Oil Face MistSometimes dry skin just needs a little shot of moisture to get it back on track. But layering on cream throughout the day, especially on top of makeup, is out of the question. This homemade face mist for dry skin is a perfect remedy made with gentle green tea and a fragrant lemon essential oil. The vitamin E locks in moisture and helps heal the skin, without overdoing it on the oil. The scent is absolutely delicious and because there’s no limit to the number of times you apply this throughout the day, I recommend making two! ~Brandee 

Homemade Hydrating Face Mist For Dry Skin Ingredients 

1 jasmine green tea bag

3 drops of lemon essential oil  

2 drops of Vitamin E oil 


Spritz Bottle 

Jasmine Green Tea Lemon Oil E Oil DIY Face Mist

Homemade Hydrating Face Mist for Dry Skin Recipe 

Boil water and steep tea bag in water for 10 minutes

Fill half of a small spray bottle with jasmine green tea and let it cool 

Add water to fill the bottle 

Drop in lemon essential oil and Vitamin E

Shake and spray! 

Keep fresh and cool by storing in refrigerator

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20 Responses to “Homemade Hydrating Face Mist For Dry Skin”

  1. Donna Kensinger

    I love all of your recipes for things of this nature. They are both excellent and affordable to make!!

    Thank you!!!!!

      • Janine

        Hi! These are great! Can I do this without essential oils? Do you have a recipe for facial mist without essential oil in it? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Paige

    Citrus oils are a skin irritant and can cause burns, especially with sun exposure. Not good!

    • Brandee James

      Hi Paige! When applied directly to the skin people with extremely sensitive skin may not like it, but in this dose diluted, it should not cause a problem.

    • Brandee James

      Hi Jennifer! I stored mine for about a week and a half. Without the tea it could last a lot longer. Check out the Homemade Body Spray we put up today, that is another option and it would last for weeks. Let me know how you like it!

  3. Ivy

    Hi Brandee, I am thinking using tea may not be able to last for too long. Is it okay to use water instead? or even rose water? I heard that rose water can help keeping moist too? thanks.

  4. Ann

    Hi gorgeous, I’m out of vitamin e oil so I just pour the tea into my spray bottles and use it daily. Would it be useful for my skin too? Thanks 🙂

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