Make Your Own Maleficent Horns


Make Maleficent Horns for Little Girl

It’s no secret that I’ve got a special place in my heart for all things Disney.

When I was three  I watched my Cinderella VHS so many times it broke and I had to wait until Christmas for Santa to bring me a new one. When I was five my mom and my Mema surprised me with a Disneyland trip for just the three of us and I still remember the joy of driving Autotopia for the first time. And now as an adult, I get to watch the magic unfold in front of my own children and sing along with them to Do You Wanna Build a Snowman during carpool. I also, full disclosure, happen to be married to a really handsome Disney executive which means that I get to hear about their upcoming films ages before they actually hit theaters. So when I tell you that I’m excited to see Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, believe me, I’ve been excited about it for a while. So, on the chance that you’re like me and super fired up to check out the film, here are some DIY Maleficent Horns just for you and/or your little fairies. ~Rachel


How to make Maleficent Horns at Home

Since these horns were for a little girl, we cut the cup in half shorten them a bit. If you’re making them for an adult don’t cut them and they’ll be twice as tall.

little girl maleficent costume

13 Responses to “Make Your Own Maleficent Horns”

  1. Audrey Evans

    Loved the Malecfint head band. Will try and make one for my niece.

  2. Delpha

    It’s great fun. Just make sure you have enough black ribbon. I had 1/2 inch on hand and it really wasn’t wide enough to cover properly. Also I suggest you have extra glue sticks on hand , because you’ll want to glue down the ribbon quite often so it stays put on the foil.

  3. Londa Santistevan

    These look better than the ones to buy. My daughter is having a Maleficent Birthday party. So this is a great idea.

  4. Brandy

    I bet you could use electrical tape or black duct tape all the way up and avoid using the messy glue and ribbon altogether.

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