Make Your Own Sponge Water Bombs

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My boys are obsessed with water balloons. It’s their favorite summer activity hands-down… what is it with little boys loving the idea of launching some sort of bomb at their brother? Unfortunately they aren’t quite old enough to tie the balloons off which means that Dave and I will spend approximately 15 hours filling a bucket with water balloons that the boys can go through in 0.5 seconds. So this year, I’m crafting a water bomb that’s reusable! Basically you just make a pom pom with strips of sponge and voila… Sponge Water Bomb!

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Use a marker and some rulers to cut your sponge into 1″ strips like the photo above. Now you’re basically going to make a pom pom like you did in 6th grade.

Gather 9 strips of sponge (use a mix of different colors) and tie them together with your string.

Kids Water Party Activities DIY

Once you’re done tying the string in a tight knot, shift the sponge pieces around a little so they create a ball shape (otherwise they’ll just stay looking like a clown’s bow tie). Snip off the extra string and they’re ready to soak in water! Make a ton of them and let the kids have a water war or use them as pool toys! ~Rachel

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36 Responses to “Make Your Own Sponge Water Bombs”

  1. BobbiJo Ceniceros

    Made these last year for my datcare. The only problem I had was once thrown a few times the string loosens and they fall apart. So I would suggest a cpl knots. And wet them down when you tie them as they are smaller when wet

  2. Libby

    Made these today for my grandsons. I absolutely detest water balloons so was very excited to try these. We are playing with them this afternoon. So easy to make!

  3. MamaPat

    Cousins R getting together here in the N. Ga. Mts. at my house!!!! These will be really fun things to make & play with. They are so excited to get together the FIRST time! They are from Tx., Ca., and here in the east. WOW. Thanks for fun suggestions. We’ll play in the fort we made, the creek, try to count all the Canada geese babies, and make some of your suggestions. Oh, fun is going to happen! Thanks for more ideas. MamaPat

  4. susie carroll

    Another site advised me to use fishing line. I wish I would have seen this first — I made a bunch of these for our block party but they fell apart (the kids still loved them, and just threw the strips at each other) — I bet the string holds MUCH better and is easier to tie a good strong tight knot with it.

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Susie,

      I imagine the fishing line was a pain to tie! I use kitchen twine for EVERYTHING… it’s sort of my craft version of duct tape! 😉 ~Rachel

  5. Allison

    I used rubber bands and those have worked really good. They don’t loosen. I did try a hair tie, which one site told me to, but it broke trying to get tighter. A regular rubber band worked great and I could get it really tight!

  6. Sandra

    Made these many years ago and was allowed to sell them for a quarter each at our local slash pool. Our dollar store stopped carrying the right sponges, though. I still look for them, since the plastic sponges don’t work. Could you please tell me where I can buy the sponges?

    Thank you,

  7. Jean Money

    We had our family reunion on Father’s Day weekend and one of my granddaughters had fixed a small tub of the “water balloons” and the greatgrands had a ball playing with them……… is quite a brilliant idea to keep young ones entertained.

  8. Pam

    the directions say to use 9 strips but in the example she’s only using 6. What’s best???

  9. Jenny

    where is the best place to find the sponges in colors? Has anyone seen them at Walmart?

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