Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

Dino TP Holder-TheChic

All three of my boys share a bathroom… a bathroom that’s dinosaur themed. So when I saw a picture of someone using a long neck dino as a toilet paper holder I HAD to make it for our house. Rather than just leaving it as-is I spray painted our dino so it matches all the blue accents in the room. One Plastic Dinosaur + Spray Paint = Coolest Little Boy TP Holder EVER!

what you need to make dino tp holder

All you need is a long-neck plastic dinosaur, spray paint (you choose the hue) and newspaper to lay underneath them both.

spray painting plastic toys

Spray your dino with two coats of paint (allow it to dry in between coats) and once it dries it’s ready to hold your paper! ~Rachel

toilet paper holder

60 Responses to “Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder”

  1. Jenn

    I love this! It’s hilarious, and would be awesome in any bathroom — kids or not!

  2. Maz

    LOVE this!! Does it not fall over due to the wait!? is your dino hollow or solid!? Thanks 🙂 x

    • Maz

      ahhhhh no edit button and it’s too early in the UK for brain cells!! *weight not wait!! FAIL!

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Maz,

      The dino was pretty solid (though not too heavy) and it’s not weighed down by the paper… it sits on the back of our boys toilet and the only issues we have are when the baby tries to unwind all the paper from its neck! 😉 Rachel

  3. Karen

    I loooooooove this. It would be the perfect gift for someone I know. I would totally pay you for material, time and labor to make me one exactly like it and ship it. (I’m in Texas.) Would you consider?

  4. Karen

    I loooooooove this! It’d be the perfect gift for someone I know. I would totally pay you (material, time, labor) to make me one exactly like it and ship (I’m in Texas). Would you consider???

    • Rachel Hollis

      Ha ha ha, Karen. Thanks for the idea but that’s not really our thing. =) It’s super simple to pull of though, I’m positive you could create your own! ~Rachel

  5. Vickie

    So neat ~ I love it!!! I’m thinking gifts for kids!
    Thanks and Have a blessed day!

  6. Brigitte

    Hi there! I love this idea and am planning to do it myself! I was wondering what the dimensions of your dinosaur are? I know the neck would have to be at least 5″ to accommodate the toilet paper roll.

    Thank you!

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Brigitte,
      I asked Jackson (age 8) to measure it for you. He informs me that their dino is 13″ from head to tail and 7″ from the foot to the top of the back. I hope that’s helpful! =)

  7. Hannah

    I love this idea!! But my boys would kill me if I spray painted their dinosaurs! Lol! I need to go and buy a cheap one, I need this in our bathroom! Hehehe!

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