St Patrick’s Day Fruit Kabobs

last minute st patricks dayWhenever there’s a holiday at Sawyer’s pre-school, parents can sign up to bring something in. In all honesty, I often sign up to bring “holiday paper napkins” or “holiday paper plates” because, well, I tend to forget until the last minute and then it’s hard to concoct a themed cupcake at the last minute. For this year’s St Patrick’s day party, Sawyer was there when I looked at the sign up sheet and he wanted to choose the line that said “Green Melons, Apples or Grapes” only he asked me to do all three. 

st patricks day healthy snacksOriginally I thought I’d do a fruit salad, but these are 4 and 5 year olds and there are few things a pre-schooler likes more than a kabob! And so, the first ever St Patrick’s Day Green Fruit Kabob was born! I used leftover lollipop sticks though you could use popsicle sticks or even straws for your kabobs… just be mindful of avoiding skewers of any kind because the only thing my 5 year old would love more than a kabob is to use the pointy end of a skewer as a “sword” to poke his friends!

green kabobIf you’re making these ahead of time, the apples will brown a little but you can eliminate most of the discoloration by tossing the slices in lemon juice before you skewer them. There’s no rhyme or reason to the placement of the fruit, which makes this an even better thing to do with your kids. Have fun! ~Rachel 

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