Talk Bubble Place Setting

diy talk bubble stationaryAs a lifelong event planner I have a special place in my heart for for unique place settings. It’s such a simple way to add a little flair to a dinner party (or even just a Sunday supper with your family). Since a DIY setting is easiest if you can use items you have laying around the house, or in this case the office ,I dreamed up a cheeky little idea using binder clips and FREE printable that you can download and use for your next party!

red gingham place settingUse the talk bubble printables below to make your own menu and place cards! Talk Bubble Place Card - Free TemplateJust save this image (above and below) to your computer. Then you can use a fine tipped black pen to write in your menu and your guest names… or, go the extra mile and format a word doc to print it for you. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the shape of the talk bubbles and attach them to a solid color card stock (preferably one that matches your table linens) like my printable talk bubble menuI used binder clips to attach the paper to the napkin for a fun, playful spin on a typical table bubble menu, place card

red gingham place settingI used red gingham napkins folded into a rectangle and laid it out like the photo below. This is gorgeous on raw wood or would look great if the table linen and the color card stock matched… this leaves you room to do a fun print on the napkin!

talk bubble place card

If you’re inspired enough to make these I’d love to see! Snap a pic and put it on social media with the tag #TheChic so we can share on all our social media! ~Rachel

[photos by Maryanne Cabrera]

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