10 Crafty Valentines for Kids

heart crafts for kidsUp until this point, my kids have never used store-bought valentines… we make our own every year. Now just to clarify, we’re the cut-your-own-paper-heart kind of family and nowhere near the craftiness of the valentine’s in this collection but I still think there’s something special about our homemade batch. This could be the year the boys finally push back and insist on pre-printed Sponge Bob notes… but if they don’t, I’m going to use the crafts below to inspire us!

bug valentinesThese Love Bug Valentines from Dandee Designs involve insects so they’re cool enough for boys but the mason jar makes them cute enough for me too!

pun valentine, candy, orangeIn my personal opinion, nothing beats a good pun-filled Valentine like this Orange Candy Gram from Crafting in the Rain.


robot valentine, scrapbookAdmittedly, these Robot Scrapbook Valentine’s from Lisa Storm will take a little extra time but they’re so darn cute it’d be worth it!

fish valentineA Valentine Tackle Box? Are you kidding me Shaken Together Life?! So adorable I sort of want to make them for my uncles, all of whom are avid fishermen. 

diy heart gift bag, valentine gift bagA little washi tape and some baker’s twine and you can create your own Heart-Themed Gift Bag like Mama Miss.

bubble gum valentineJust a stick of gum and some pretty paper and this Wrigley’s Gum Valentine from Aly Dosdal is too fun not to try! Even better, it includes a Free Printable!

book nerd valentineThese Bookmark Valentine’s from Thirty Handmade Days are perfect for a book nerd like me!

chewing gum valentine diyThis Bubblegum Bag from Project Denneler is so much fun! I love that they used a little pink balloon for the bubble.

valentine pouchI have no sewing skills whatsoever, but if you’re like Nest of Posies and you do have some then consider these sweet little DIY Valentine’s Envelopes!

Playdough ValentineIf you have pre-school age kiddos then these Playdough Valentine’s from The Nerd’s Wife are so cool!

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