Ice Cream Cone Balloons

ice cream cone balloonsI’m such a sucker for clever party crafts!

An even bigger sucker for clever party crafts that are adorable, take little time and even littler money to pull off… case and point? Ice cream cone balloons!

This is a simple way to add to your birthday party balloons in a few easy steps!

how to make a birthday cone balloonChic Tip: Do all one color balloon in your loved ones favorite flavor (like vanilla or chocolate) or consider adding “chocolate chips” or “sprinkles” with a sharpie!


6 Responses to “Ice Cream Cone Balloons”

  1. Amanda @ Cutitvate Create

    This is so adorable and so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. [email protected]

    the balloons (filled with helium) once the cones are attached won’t float. What did I do wrong. A crafter on another site also had this problem.

    • Rachel Hollis

      How heavy is your card stock? That’s the only thing I can think of that might weigh them down. Maybe try with a super lightweight printer paper in light brown?

      • bboykins

        re: balloon ice cream cones
        Thanks for the response. My husband the scientist also suggested that the paper weight might be the problem. I will definitely use your suggestion

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