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The word “tradition” can be downright intimidating. Some family traditions can feel too extravagant or hard to plan. But sometimes, the very best traditions are simple…as simple as spending Saturday nights together on the couch, watching a movie and ordering pizza.  The whole point of having a family tradition is to spend time together. If you accomplish that, you’re on the right track.

If the idea of starting a family tradition sounds appealing to you, take a look at some of the ideas I’ve collected. You might just find one that tickles your fancy.~Jenny


Plan an annual Disneyland trip. Who doesn’t love the “Happiest Place on Earth?” Just make sure you do a little pre-planning before heading out. Scottsdale Mom’s Blog has some helpful tips to make things a little easier.

TheChic_movie night

Make one night a week “Family Movie Night.” You can even choose a theme depending on the type of movie, like this brilliant mom at The Pinning Mama.


Set aside one day a month to volunteer as a family. The Hands On Blog has some tips on how to make volunteering fun.

TheChic_Growth Chart

Use a doorframe and a pencil to mark off your kids’ height every year on their birthday. Better yet, create your own growth chart, like this one at Crab And Fish!

Adorable family camping in the garden

Take an annual camping trip! Childrens Wishing Well has some great tips to make the trip one to remember.


Donate to the needy at the end of the year. There are thousands of organizations where you can donate…just be sure to check out the BBB’s charity reviews before you give.


Run a 5K together. Look at how much fun Kristen’s family had at the Color Me Rad 5k in Austin this year.

TheChic_daddy daughter

Make it a tradition to do a monthly daddy-daughter date. Or mommy-son date. This dad at Little Hoffman shows us it doesn’t have to be super fancy to mean a whole lot!


Take a footprint of your child every year using a clay mold, and create a pathway along your house. The Imagination Tree has an easy recipe you can make right at home!

TheChic_love letter

Write a letter to your kids, every year on their birthday. By the time they’re 18 and ready to leave the nest, they’ll have a beautiful keepsake to take with them. Amanda at Impress Your Kids takes it one step further and writes a little note every morning to her kids.


Make cookies with your kids during the holidays. Put them in fancy tins and pass them out as gifts to family and friends! Be sure to check out Dandelion Mom‘s other great ideas, especially for blended families.

TheChic_Family time capsule

Create a family time capsule. Put in newspaper clippings, photos, mementos, toys, recipes, etc. Put it somewhere safe and re-open it in ten years on New Year’s Day. Keeping It Simple Crafts has easy instructions on how to make your own time capsule.


Featured Image – Jacqueline Pilar Photography

5 Responses to “Start Your Own Family Tradition”

  1. capturing joy with kristen duke

    thanks for sharing our tradition of the run! we had so much fun at it–my kids loved it!

    • Rachel Hollis

      Kristen, I love this idea! My husband and I ran a half marathon in September and I loved seeing all the families doing it together. I can’t wait until my boys are old enough to run with us. ~Rachel

  2. Jenny Rasmussen

    Kristen I loved reading about your family. I just had to include you guys in my post! 🙂 And like Rachel, I can’t wait till my little one is older so we can do fun stuff like this together.

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