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Map It Out

Recently my Auntie Di gave me a bag full of vintage road maps. Apparently they were something Nana collected over years and years of road trips and since I’ve been known to utilize Nana’s collections throughout my house  Auntie Di thought I might find a place for these maps too. There were probably 20 maps all together so get ready kids… you’re about to see a whole lot of vintage map crafts up in here…

Trace It Out

I’ve seen this sort of home state wall art all over Pinterest. I think it’d be a sweet gift to give someone who’s moving away, as a way to commemorate where they grew up. You could give a bride and groom three different framed photos… the place they met, the place they married and the place they live now. It’d be a charming addition for a new baby, or even a sweet gift for your grandparents. The point is, vintage road maps are really inexpensive at yard sales, flea markets or even on eBay so this gift is thoughtful but not pricey. Simply find an old map with the city/state you need. Google Image the shape of the state you need. Hold the map over the state shape (we used a window for some added light) and trace it with a pencil.

Cut It Out

Use scissors to cut out the shape and then a stamp or even a hand drawn heart over the city that means something special to you.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Place the state cut out in a floating frame like this one (we got ours at Target and they have EVERY size in case you want something larger) and it’s ready to hang or sit on your desk!

California Girl

Chic Tip: Maps come in every color imaginable so considering looking for hues that tie in with the color scheme of the room you want to hang the artwork in!

24 Responses to “Home State Wall Art”

  1. Karen hornsten

    I have made kusudama flowers out of maps, especially aerial maps, but this idea is sooo grand. I have a STATE Cricut cartridge. I am thinking it would. Ake short work out of cutting the states. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Very quality!!

    • Rachel

      Thanks so much for your sweet note Karen!

      I had to Google Kusudama flowers and now having seen them I’m sure the map-version is adorable!! ~Rachel

  2. Claire

    Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. I’ve seen map artwork before but never anything as sentimental and heartfelt as this.

    My parents’ anniversary is coming up in April and this will be the perfect gift for them. I also plan to do one for my Aunt and Uncle and my best friend and her partner. I feel quite emotional knowing how much the gifts will mean to my loved ones.

    Thank you so much, you wonderful thing xx

  3. Bora

    Hi Rachel! Im looking for that vintage map of Texas- do you know if I can find it on google images?
    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Erin

    Be still my broke-as-joke heart! I have wanted to give my boyfriend a original gift for his birthday, as he’s one of those people who are impossible to shop for. He loves collecting art from places he traveled- but scooping up an authentic [read:affordable] oil painting from another country isn’t just something you can google into existence (don’t think I didn’t try that first! LOL). Now I can make a few of these framed map photos that correspond to his adventures- and he can hang them with his art collection 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration; a personalized gift that doesn’t require a boatload of cash!!

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