As Seen on Home & Family: Valentine’s Tablescape

tablescape on a budget

come dine with me

Today on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family (9a/10c), Rachel shows you how to create a Valentine’s day tablescape on a budget! For this table, we spent less than $40 by using items you either already have, can repurpose or can get for dirt cheap! Whether your Valentine’s day is spent with the kids or with that someone special, we’ve got some easy and thrifty ways to make your table both personalized and chic. Here’s how we did it:

Firstly, reuse your holiday table linen. It’s typically red and/or gold. Perfect for Valentine’s!

say something sweet

say something sweet

On each place-setting we put DIY Valentines with some of our favorite candy puns. A simple trick in making these is to print out your cardstock with a very light colored font. Then trace over the printed words in colored pens/markers and vuala! They look like a master calligraphist created them.

1. white and blue card stock
2. tape
3. red and black pens/markers
4. hot glue gun
5. candy_

How to:
1. print the sayings on blue card-stock paper – cut into small equal sized rectangles
2. tape blue paper onto white card-stock for trim
3. use red and black pens/markers to trace over words and make a border
4. using hot glue, secure the candy that corresponds with the saying
These are also great for kids to take to school for their classmates and teachers.

the breakdown

classic reds

The place-settings breakdown:
1. red charger: 99 cent store
2. white plate: 99 cent store (or from your home)
3. napkin: Pier 1 Imports ($1.95 – on sale)
4. silverware and glasses – from your home

the "heart" of the table

the “heart” of the table

The centerpiece and runner is 100% do-it-yourself and super simple to make.


twine with me

This branch centerpiece is from Rachel’s yard. We fetched this branch from a fallen tree and got to work.

1. branch
2. red tulips
3. moss
4. wire_

How to:
Simply secure bundles of moss and tulips to the branches with wire and a little hot-glue gun when needed.


bundles of joy



The table runner is made of love letters. We combined printed letters (google “love letters”) and handmade letters from Rachel’s sons. Using a cardstock paper as the base, staple the letters together in this layered and eclectic formation. We had about 5 bundles of letters stapled together and laid them down the center to look like one long piece.

overflowing with love

overflowing with love

mini love letters

mini love letters

The last detail is something inspired by our previous love tree creation. Write little notes to each other on these DIY paper heart ornaments, hang them on your branch centerpiece, and you’re done. It’s a sweet way to exchange meaningful sentiments with your family and friends while decorating your table.

all done

all done

If you’re entertaining this Valentine’s day or having a dinner in with your family, send us pictures of your tables! We would love to see your lovely creations! Much love xx

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  1. Patricia

    I saw this on the Home & Family show this morning and thought it was a wonderful idea. I passed it on to my children who all have children and to my Facebook friends. This tablescape is just elegant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing you amazing ideas with us!

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